The Wine Wire: 2014 Massican Releases


Massican was a huge hit here at the shop last summer and we are pleased to announce that we got a little of the 2014s. Here is a re-cap:


Dan Petroski started his winemaking career at the famed Russian River Estate Dumol. Despite having little experience, he showed prodigious talent, and was quickly tapped to be the winemaker at Larkmead, one of Napa’s oldest estates. And while he has kept his “day” job at Larkmead, since 2009 he has been making some extraordinarily delicious white wines under the Massican label.

One of the most fortuitous trends of the last five years has been a small group of Napa producers who have collectively taken their feet off the roaring throttle that defines the region’s style: big, in your face, wines that sometimes can be just a little too much. Petroski, along with others like Steve Matthiasson & Matthew Rorick have decided to prove that mineral-driven, crisp whites with structure and balance ARE possible in Napa Valley.

2014 Massican Chardonnay “Hyde”



2014 Massican “Annia” (Tocai Friuliano/Chardonnay/Ribolla Gialla Blend)



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The Wine Wire: Two More Rosés- La Pépiè & Le Rosé d’ Folie

It’s not often that one can pair a crazy rosé of Gamay from Beaujolais, with a crazy chicken from Nantes (that kooky chicken is a Cabernet Franc rosé) but life can be funny that way sometimes. We have precious few of these left, so free your silly side up and take them off our hands, would you?


2014 Domaine de la Pépière “La Pépiè” Rosé du Val de Loire, France


2014 Jean-Paul Brun Beaujolais Rosé “Le Rosé d’Folie”-Burgundy, France


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Friday Feature 06/26/15: The New 6 for $70-Something Sampler!

Hello and Happy Friday!


In store news, keep in mind that the July 4th weekend is coming up.  Please note the following amended holiday hours:


Friday, July 3rd – normal hours – Noon till 8 PM

Saturday, July 4th – CLOSED

Sunday, July 5th – CLOSED

Monday, July 6th – CLOSED

Tuesday, July 7 – back to normal hours – Noon till 8 PM


Stock up for the 4th this week!




Finally, it is the last Friday of the month and that means is it 6 for $70 -something sampler time! If you are new to our newsletter, we put together a monthly sample pack of everyday, affordable wines in the $10-$15 range and provide your with more information than you would ever possibly need about each wine.


This month’s sampler sees the return of some producers we introduced to you last year, and is our most summery yet. This sampler will run through July 31st, and hopefully by then our weather will also be more summery. If not you can always pretend by drinking some of these great selections from Italy, Portugal & France.


Please let us know if we can set one aside for you.


Have a Great Week-End!

Craig & Sheb

6 for $70-Something

2014 Failoni Marche Rosato-Marche, Italy


This is one of the properties Craig fell in love with during his summer trip last year to the Marche. The small winery, run by the meticulous Antonio Failoni, was impressive in its quality, passion and professionalism.


Failoni is located in the central Marche, 20 km from the east coast of Italy and produces, among other things, this lovely little rosé which sold out quickly last year when we debuted it here in the store.


The 2014 is made with 100% Sangiovese and very mineral driven, not a super fleshy rosé but rather one imbued with alpine strawberries and spring raspberries.


Get it while you can!


$13.00/BTL.-$156.00/ CASE OF 12


2014 Casa de Saima Colheita Branco-Bairrada Portugal


This was a real stunner in 2013 and also sold out, like the Failoni above, way too quickly, with many disappointed customers shaking their heads sadly when it did. To avoid such despair this year, we ordered more.


The Bairrada region is well-known for producing sparkling and great red wine.  Maybe less known is its ability to make fantastic white wine from grapes like Bical and Maria Gomes (a.k.a Fernão Pires).  Some of the best Portuguese white wines we’ve tasted come from the Bairrada.



The 2014 is a worthy follow up to the popular 2013. This year the blend is Maria Gomes, Bical and Cerceal.  The nose on this wine is exotic, white flowers, bergamot, a hit of herbs and mineral. It has a supremely wonderful freshness and a hint of salinity.


$12.00/BTL.-$72.00/6 PACK CASE


2014 Château de la Liquière Blanc “Les Amandiers”-Languedoc, France


We have yammered on and on  for some years now about Château de la Liquières, a beloved property for us in Faugères. They work organically with some really top-notch terroir.


The “Les Amandiers” bottlings are always a fabulous value that come from some of the younger vines holdings; we fell in love with this fresh white composed of 30% Roussanne ; 25% Grenache ; 20% Terret ; 10% Viognier ; 10% Bourboulenc ; 5% Marsanne. Malolactic conversion is inhibited to preserve freshness and the wine is aged in stainless steel. The vines are grown on a schistous terroir.


This wine is a sure bet for grilled shrimp, rice dishes,  and baked eggs .


$13.00/BTL-$156.00 /CASE OF 12


2014 Domaine Montrose Chardonnay- Languedoc, France


Having just returned from the Languedoc,  I feel as if I have a deeper and more grounded understanding for the wines and a greater context for their place on the table. It is a large area of great contrast; Mediterranean, coastal, mountainous,it all depends on where you are. The landscape is sun-drenched and covered with with a ubiquitous plant called broom, its yellow flowers bursting with their sweet honeyed scent, perfuming the air. A furious wind called the tramontane whips through this bucolic scene with enough force to jostle a small car (a Nissan Note perhaps) in a terrifying way as you shuttle from village to village taking it all in.


Domaine Montrose is a family-run winery in the fun to pronounce region of Côtes-de-Thongue. They are not far from the Mediterranean coast, in between the cities of Narbonne and Montpellier. This is normally not a terroir we think about, when we think about Chardonnay, but this proximity to the sea, as well as night harvesting, cold fermentations and stainless steel aging contribute to a fresh and lively Chardonnay, with notes of citrus, peach and fresh apples.


$10.50/BTL-$126.00/CASE OF 12

2012 Matello Viognier “Deux Vert Vineyard” – Willamette Valley, Oregon
It seems like divorce can even happen between grapes and people.
It’s official, the people of Oregon have separated from Viognier, it could be temporary, but it might be permanent.
Which leads us to this wine, what we think is a really delicious and unique Viognier from the Deux Verte Vineyard in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA of Oregon.
Viognier is one of those exotic varietals, that when managed poorly can be worse than an overly perfumed lady or over cologne-y gentleman.  When done right, it offers that perfect amount of floral and spice, and also manages to retain freshness.  Such is the case in this wine from Marcus Goodfellow in Oregon.
Viognier is not easy to grow, and as such, in a place like Oregon it typically lands into a retail price of $25-$35 per bottle.  Due to the divorce, Marcus has drastically lowered the price and found good homes for this wine, like yours truly, or by-the-glass at the local Portland institution, Le Pigeon.
We are excited to offer this on our Six for $70-Something program!  Viognier demands very simply food to be paired alongside.  A Burrata and tomato salad, grilled mackerel with oregano, etc.
Get it while its here, because at this price, its a steal!
$15.00/BTL-$180.00/CASE OF 12
2012 Porrais Tinto, Douro Valley, Portugal
When one talks about pioneers in Portugal, one has to speak of Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira.
A successful 19th century businesswoman, she is known as a pioneer in the Port wine business, the Douro, as well as an innovator in winemaking.  She is remembered as a strong advocate for the working class, always fighting for their best interest.  She inherited vineyards from her family, but also added vineyards during her career.  When she passed in 1896, she left behind a more successful wine business in Portugal, as well as many great vineyards.
Quinta de Porrais was once the property of Dona Antónia, or Ferreirinha as she was called.  It is located in the Douro Superior, an area well documented for producing high quality white grapes, as well as refined red wines.
Porrais Tinto is a truly great value made from the red grapes of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Sousão, and Tinta Barroca.  The soil type these grapes are grown in is that classic shale soil of the Douro.
Francisco Olazabal, one of the truly great ecologists and winemakers of Portugal, known best for his work with Quinta do Vale do Meão, is a direct descendant of Ferreirinha.
Good quality, highly drinkable and fresh – that is what this wine is all about.  A terrific every day table wine.
$13.00/BTL-$156.00/CASE OF 12

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The Wine Wire: Beyond Sauvignon, Interesting Summer Whites

If you are ready to move beyond Sauvignon Blanc this summer, we have some interesting alternatives for you. Ledge is a small winery based in Paso Robles producing, among other things, a dynamite Grenache Blanc imbued with sleek freshness and supple texture. Fruit is in the orchard category- ripe apples, pears and peaches.

2014 Ledge G2 Vineyard-Paso Robles, California


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The Wine Wire: 2014 Tempier Rosé

It comes but once a year- this ultimate harbinger of summer from the heart of sunny Provence. The rosé from Domaine Tempier in Bandol. We always get a small amount and it is in the shop, a whopping six bottles!


2014 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé-Provence, France


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The Wine Wire: 2012 Cristom Pinot Noir Single Vineyard Offer

2012 will go down as an extraordinary vintage for Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Cristom, a venerable 20 year old winery in Salem, Oregon has released their 2012 single vineyards.

These wines are a special order: sometimes we use the Wine Wire to feature wines that we think are great but do not have enough room for in the store. orders will only take about a week to fulfill. Please email us your interest and we will acquire them for you, given that they are still in stock with our distributor.*


2012 Cristom Pinot Noir “Jessie”

Savory, lean and floral.

2012 Cristom Pinot Noir “Eileen”

Soft, round and pleasurable

2012 Cristom Pinot Noir “Louise”

Concentrated and textured.

$54.99/Bottle each

$329.94/6 Pack


*Perman Wines is NOT a wine megastore.
We have very little shelf space.
As such, we sometimes offer you wine on an on-time delivery basis.
You see a wine you like, you email us an order, we bring it in from the distributor and email you when its here.
Imagine this efficiency in the modern age!
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Friday Feature 06/19/15: The New 6 For $120-Something Sampler

Hello and Happy Friday!
We are again going to tell you about a couple of tastings coming up this next week, and in July. Please note that we mixed up some of the dates in our last  newsletter so we apologize for the confusion. On this newsletter, we are aiming to confuse less!

St. George Spirits Tasting @ Perman Wine Selections

Thursday, June 25th

$20 per person


5 – 7 PM (We will be taking reservations in half hour slots, 5 PM, 5:30 PM, 6 PM and 6:30 PM – only 10 spots per half hour slot)





In our humble opinions, St. George is America’s best distillery. Located in Alameda, California, they produce a wide range of spirits, including excellent vodka, gin, absinthe, fruit liqueurs and much more.


Rob Krass of St. George Spirits will be in the house sampling some of those spirits both in their pure form as well as part of the base of a cocktail.


Don’t miss this!



A Night with Albert Jané of Acústic Celler

Thursday, July 23rd 7PM @ Perman Wine Selections


Join us for an informative evening as we spend the night tasting through the excellent wines made at Acústic Celler in Montsant and Priorat (Spain). Winemaker/owner Albert Jané will be on hand to give us a intimate view into his process and philosophies. We love our Catalans and Albert is a really fascinating guy and a great friend.







Today’s newsletter introduces our newest 6 for $120-Something Sampler.
If your unfamiliar with our sampler, the second to last Friday of the month, we release the new Six for $120-Something Sampler.  Six different bottles of wine, from around the world, tasted and approved by your crack wine staff here at PermanWine.
Don’t miss this smaller – it is one of our best ever!  This month we are offering a very eclectic mix, from pink bubbles to a seriously structured and age-worthy Portuguese red wine.
The best part of the sampler is that not only are you getting delicious and unique wines, you also have a mini wine lesson when reading our descriptions alongside.
So what are you waiting for? – reserve yours today!
Have a Great Week-End!
Craig & Sheb

6 for $120-Something

2014 Château de la Liquière “L’Unique Gaz de Schiste” Vin Mousseux Rosé Brut- Languedoc, France


The Gaz is back- and more drinkable ( and schiste-y) than ever!


It’s pink, it sparkles and it comes with a funky name that we just dare you to try and rapidly say 10 times in a row.


Several months ago we put in a special order for some of the smaller production wines of one of our favorite producers in the Languedoc, Château de la Liquière.  Based in the appellation of Faugères, they own 60 hectares of vineyards in different zones..  From top to bottom, everything that Liquière does is top notch, and representative of the region.


Our first selection for you to try is a small production sparkling wine made in the Methode Ancestrale.  Many of you winenerds have tried sparkling wines from Bugey Cerdon, but how about a sparkler from the Languedoc made from equal parts of Mourvèdre and Grenache?


Last year this stuff was so wildly popular it ran out before summer ended. They only make 3,000 bottles, so we tried to order a bit more this year.  Rosé fans should not miss this fun, fruity delicious crowd pleaser.


Come get some!


$17.00/ BTL.-$102.00/ SIX PACK CASE


2013 Goodfellow Family Cellars “Clover” Pinot Gris Reserve- Willamette, OR


A lot has changed in the wine scene since I lived in Oregon from 1997 – 2007.  Beginning my wine career in Portland, I had the opportunity to see many winemakers start their businesses, fine tune what they do in the vineyards and winery, and grow to be some of the most respected producers in the state.


Such is the case with Goodfellow Family Cellars.  I have been friends with Marcus Goodfellow for many years, since we first started bartending together at the Heathman Restaurant in downtown Portland (feel free to ask me for my Cosmopolitan recipe – it will change your life – joke!).


We both had a budding interest in wine at the time, with our passion lying in all things European, especially French.


I of course went on the path of retail, but Marcus chose to make wine.  He began by staging (a French term for interning) at various wineries in the Willamette Valley, before setting out on his own.  The truth is, Marcus was born to do this, he had a knack for it, as those without formal training often do.  Of course it did take a couple trials.


I remember Marcus’ first trial at Pinot Gris, he had a Carboy of it in his basement.  It was pretty bad.  But from pretty bad, to one of the best Pinot Gris I’ve ever had from the state of Oregon, that is how this story unfolds.


2013 Goodfellow Family Cellars “Clover” Pinot Gris Reserve is 100% Pinot Gris, sourced primarily from Whistling Ridge Vineyard and part from Bishop Creek.  These are higher elevation vineyards, and Marcus made sure to pick a little early in 2013 to preserve freshness.  The vineyards themselves have older vines planted in sedimentary soils.  It spent 15 months aging in 800L Acacia oak “foudre.”


The influence here is clearly in Alsace, but I have to say, this is better than 99.9% of Pinot Gris that I’ve tasted from there.


The nose is fantastic, discreet aromas of poached pear, citrus peel, white flowers and honey.  On the palate, it is really refined, and simply delicious.  It has weight, but glides across your palate, giving you the proper freshness with intensity that only comes from truly great wines.


That is what this is, a truly great wine.  A flat out steal at $20, and sadly I only got my hands on 5 of the 175 cases produced.  Crazy good stuff – don’t be crazy and miss it.



$20.00/ BTL.




gravatog2008 Gravato “Tinto Garrafeira – Touriga Nacional”- Beira Interior, Portugal


Our unending love for Portugal brings us to another wine that Craig found on his travels a couple years ago in the sparsely populated Interior Beiras.


As many of us have learned, Portuguese reds are often a blend of many many grapes, all growing happily together in their respective growing regions. Gravato, does, however, make mono-varietal Touriga Nacional. They explained to Craig the difficulties of working with Touriga alone, and striking the right balance. It’s a beast of a grape, and needs to be aged in oak. So we are for the first time, offering their garrafeira; the best of the best from our friend Luis.


Portuguese table wines may be labeled as garrafeira (which translates loosely to “private wine cellar”), indicating a minimum period of aging prior to release. Red garrafeira winesmust age for a minimum 30 months, including at least 12 months in bottle; This will age for a while, but you can drink now. It is showing rich fruit, mineral and spice.


Oily, intensely structured and bursting with ripe fruit, this is a strange combination of young Barolo, Syrah from the Northern Rhône, and a hint of older California Cabernet.


This is as complex and meditative as it is going to get for $27 (or even $40+ dollars to be honest). And, it has years ahead of it, if you decide you would like to keep aging it.





2013 Lupinc “Stara Brajda” I.G.T-Carso, Italy


In May of 2011, I took a two week wine trip with my Dad to Austria and Northeast Italy.


Our journey took us through one of Italy’s lesser known and smaller wine regions called Carso.  Located in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, and close to the city of Trieste, it is a region that specializes in white wine production, from local grapes like Vitovska, Malvasia and Terrano, as well as international varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.


We came to Carso to visit a famous producer named Edi Kante.  Since by no means is this Napa Valley, and lodging near the wineries can be scarce, we were referred to a place called Lupinc.  It was a great place to sleep and relax.  On the last day of our trip, we told our host Matej that we were there visiting wineries, and he asked if we would like to try his wine.


So down into the small cellar we went, and tasted through some barrels.  I was really impressed, and the memory of that tasting has always stayed in my mind.


Fast forward to 2014 when I traveled to Italy with my friend and awesome food photographer Huge Galdones.  I decided to contact Matej again to see if we could visit.


I’m glad we made the trek to Carso because the wines were as I remember, fresh, but rich, mineral and elegant.  True expressions of the Carso terroir.


Now here we are in 2015, and I am excited to be the first retailer in the United States to offer these dynamic wines.


This is just the beginning of the story, because we will devote a whole newsletter to these wines in the future.


But as I just couldn’t wait to introduce them to you, I thought we’d start with a very rare offering, with only 2,000 bottles produced, a fantastic white wine called “Stara Brajda.”


In Carso you are supposed to produce varietal wines, not blends, and so by taking his two most prominent grapes Vitovska and Malvasia (he also blends a little Friulano in here too), he has to “declassify” this to IGT level, as it is no longer eligible for DOC status.


I simply can’t wait for you to try these wines.  They have great mineral from their clay and limestone soil, and they they have a  full bodied texture, without losing freshness. On top of all that they remain distinctly from Carso and unlike anything you have tried before.


The “Stara Brajda” is a fantastic wine to sip on its own, but is the type of wine I’d love to see at any great sushi restaurant.

Please don’t miss this white wine fans!

– Craig


$26.00/BTL.-$156.00/ SIX PACK CASE



2013 Quinta do Ameal “Escolha” Branco Seco-Vinho Verde, Portugal


As you might well be aware, Quinta do Ameal is located in the Vale de Lima in Portugal’s Vinho Verde region. Most people’s experience with Vinho Verde is a crisp, slightly effervescent quaffer, the quintessential porch pounder. However, other styles of wine are produced in this vast region. This is the part of Portugal that is cool climate, influenced by the swell of the Atlantic ocean that flanks its western side.


Quinta de Ameal focuses on an Iberian white variety called Loureiro. If you have not come to love and crave Loureiro, now is the time, trust us on this one. Lima is the birthplace of this grape.


The Escolha bottling is Loureiro that has been fermented, then aged in oak for six months, a small percentage of which is new.The oak integrates beautifully and gives this wine a certain concentration and breadth. And what flavors will you find? A range of fruit from crisp citrus to ripe orchard, hints of brioche and a little vanilla extract. This wine can age like crazy (Craig had a fantastic 2002 in February) and may be one of the greatest deals in terms of cellar worthy price points. But it is so delicious, you may not be able to wait, especially if you are impulsive and undiscisiplined when it comes to wine, as one of us here is (hint, surprise- NOT CRAIG!).


Well regarded as one of Portugal’s greatest white wines.


$25.00/BTL.-$300.00/CASE OF 12




2006 Muhr-van-der Niepoort Spitzerberg Red Wine-Carnuntum, Austria 


Sometimes one finds very incredible wines languishing in warehouses, deals are struck and voilá, a wine that should be edging towards the $40 price point can be yours for $14.


Muhr-van-der Niepoort is a collaborative effort between Dorli Muhr & Dirk Niepoort, a project based in Carnuntum, Austria. There are only two wines made by the winery.


This one, Spritzerberg, is composed entirely of old-vines Blaufränkisch. As unlikely as it seems, whenever we happen upon a nice Blaufränkisch to feature in our samplers, it sells like crazy. This is probably because Blaufränkisch is often referred to as the Pinot Noir of the east. Unlike Pinot Noir though, it is deeply colored and often produces wines with a noticeable tannic profile. There is an ample richness to its fruit and fragrant aromatics.


The Spritzerberg offers all this and amps up the volume to eleven. Yes this is a Spinal Tap reference and no, we will not apologize for this.









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The Wine Wire: Magnums, You Want Them, We Got Them

Apparently, the French do not hoard, they “treasure”. Although apparently you can have a “mania of stockage”. Whatever it is you might call it, Here are some large format bottles Craig has “treasured”, over the years…


2013 Clos Roilette Fleurie “Cuvée Tardive” $53.99/ MAGNUM

2011 Pandolfi Orsini “Il Peggiore” Barbera $39.99/ MAGNUM

2000 Rabasse-Charavin Rasteau $74.99/MAGNUM

2010 Pepiere Granite de Clisson $47.99/MAGNUM

2010 Moulin de Tricot Margaux $112.99/MAGNUM


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The Wine Wire: Jean François Ganevat Côtes du Jura “Les Grands Teppes” Vieilles Vignes

Hello Jura fans!~ Here is a large format bottling of the world’s most coveted (and perhaps funkiest) Chardonnay. This vineyard was planted in 1920, the fermentation are done with whole clusters in the ancient method. Very little sulfur and oak use is neutral, merely a vessel.

We only got 2!

2011 Jean François Ganevat Côtes du Jura “Les Grands Teppes” Vieilles Vignes


2 Available


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The Wine Wire: A Tribute To Grace Rosé

New Zealand native Angela Osborne is making some of the best Grenache in the United States at the moment; don’t miss this opportunity to sample her rare rosé- only a few thousand bottles made.


2014 A Tribute To Grace Rosé-Santa Barbara Highlands, CA


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