Friday Feature 05/29/2015: The New 6 for $70-Something Sampler

Hello and Happy Friday!
We have an exciting newsletter for you today, but before we get to it, three exciting events to tell you about.
St. George Spirits Tasting @ Perman Wine Selections

Thursday, June 25th

$20 per person


5 – 7 PM (RSVP by email, we will be taking reservations in half hour slots, 5 PM, 5:30 PM, 6 PM and 6:30 PM – only 10 spots per half hour slot)  


In our humble opinion, St. George is America’s best distillery. Located in Alameda, California, they produce a wide range of spirits, including excellent vodka, gin, absinthe, fruit liqueurs and much more.


Rob Krass of St. George Spirits will be in the house sampling some of those spirits both in their pure form as well as part of the base of a cocktail.


Don’t miss this!




Still room for the following event?  Yes – and please don’t miss it!


Vietti Wines @ Osteria Langhe

Monday, June 8th

2824 W. Armitage Ave.


Luca Currado of Vietti in Piedmont, Italy is on his way to Chicago. For those of you that don’t know – Vietti is one of Italy and the Piedmont regions greatest wineries.


Osteria Langhe has put together an evening that offers different ways to try the wines.


So come join us Monday, June 8th at Osteria Langhe.


There are three different ways to experience the wines of Vietti at Osteria Langhe that evening.



– From 6 to 8 PM, they are offering an informal tasting of 8 different wines from Vietti, ranging from the Arneis, 3 different Barbera, and of course the Barolo “Castiglione.”


The cost for this tasting will be $15 per person. No need to reserve, just stop by during that stated time period.



– Have dinner at Osteria Langhe.  The normal menu will be available, along with some special dishes Chef Cameron Grant created for this evening.  All of the wines being offered at the tasting will be available by the glass.


The restaurant will be busy that night so we encourage you to make a reservation.  Call Osteria Langhe at 773-661-1582.



– Dinner with Luca Currado and a preview of the 2011 Baroli.  Chef Cameron Grant has put together a special 4-course dinner to be paired with wines from Vietti.  The list of wines is still to be determined, but this will be a chance to taste some of Vietti’s most rare offerings, as well as get a chance to sit down with the man himself!


The cost for the dinner is $195 plus gratuity and tax. Call Osteria Langhe at 773-661-1582.


Your credit card will be charged at the time of making the reservation. Only 10 spots at the table.


We hope you can make it!




Vietti wine tasting @ Perman Wines

Tuesday, June 9th

$20 per person


5:30 – 7 PM (RSVP by email, we will be taking reservations in half hour slots, 5:30 PM, 6 PM and 6:30 PM – only 8 spots per half hour slot)   


A longtime friend of ours, we are excited to welcome Luca Currado from Vietti to the store.  In this informal tasting, you can pop in to taste a few of Luca’s “everyday” type wines, from Arneis to Dolcetto to Barbera, and even a Barolo.


If you can’t join us at Osteria Langhe on Monday, please come out on Tuesday to say hello to Luca and taste some great wines!




Finally, it is the last Friday of the month and that means is it 6 for $70 -something sampler time! If you are new to our newsletter, we put together a monthly sample pack of everyday, affordable wines in the $10-$15 range and provide your with more information than you would ever possibly need about each wine.


I have to toot our own horn with this month’s edition – it is fantastic. It is basically an exploration of Rhône varietals and Sangiovese, two of our favorite subjects!


Please let us know if we can set one aside for you.


Have a Great Week-End!

Craig & Sheb (from Barcelona)

6 for $70-Something


2014 Fattoria Poggerino “Aurora” Rosato, Tuscany, Italy


We certainly don’t hide our admiration for the wines of Fattoria Poggerino, in our estimation a way-too-under-the-radar estate in Chianti Classico zone of Tuscany.  Located in Radda in Chianti, just up the road from the more famous Montevertine Estate, Piero Lanza is making absolutely killer wines these days from his 11 hectares of vineyards.


Organic and Biodynamic principles are practiced at the estate.  The vineyards are located at 400 to 500 meters above sea level, bringing freshness.  The soil itself is made up of the local “galestro” rock, which gives good drainage and helps the root system dig deep for nutrients.


Given our admiration for these wines, it makes perfect sense that when we found out Piero produced about 4000 bottles of Rosé, some of these had to be ours!  It took some convincing, there certainly was a period of him telling us he didn’t make enough, but finally he caved in, clearly due to our good looks and excellent negotiation skills.


So here we have it, a Rosé that you must get your hands on, made entirely from Sangiovese.  Its everything that one loves about Rosé – beautiful aromatics of strawberry and watermelon rind.  Super fresh in its acidity, but with an excellent core of fruit.  The finish goes on and on.  It’s a super thirst quencher!


$15 BTL. / $180 CASE




2014 Miloca Garnatxa, Montsant, Spain


Without a doubt two of the most popular wines in any of our samplers, were the 2013 Miloca wines from Josep M. Vendrell Rived, a small producer in the Montsant appellation of Spain.


They are back!  And we’ve decided to feature them again together.  Want to explore the difference between Grenache and Carignan?  Don’t care, but want to drink some of the most incredible values coming from Spain? We’ve got you covered!


Josep M. created the Miloca wines for a local customer in Catalunya.  He wanted to show what 100% Garnatxa and Carinyena would be like, “without age,” simply fermented in tank and preserving the primary aromas and flavors of the wines.  Basically Grenache and Carignan in their “birthday suits” if you will.


The grapes are farmed from several vineyards that they own around the village of Marça in Montsant.


So here we go – lets explore Garnatxa from clay and limestone soil from Monsant.  This displays lots of the tradional bold red fruit. Yet this version of Grenache has elegance, with some flower aromas, along with some of the spice that it can typically bring.


I highly recommend decanting this for 30 minutes to an hour before drinking, as it really opens up to reveal its beautiful fruit.


Another great wine for the grill, and we are a fan of this with grilled duck breast.


$14 BTL. / $168 CASE



2014 Miloca Carinyena, Montsant, Spain


Now its time to explore Carinyena (Carignan) from granitic soil in the village of Marça.  According to Josep M., Carinyena can be strong and potent, with lots of complexity and mature fruit.


His goal is to maintain a level of acidity in the wine so that you keep coming back for another glass.  To reach this goal, one must spend time in the vineyard with Carignan.  Yields have to be small, and maturity has come at the right point.


2014 was a very difficult year to grow Carignan, with incredibly low-yields.  Josep M. was only able to make a total of 1500 bottles of this wine, but the results are truly spectacular.


This displays darker fruit on the nose than the Garnatxa. It has a little bit more weight, but also finishes with acidity, and as intended its hard to put down the glass.


Both of these wines way over deliver for the price!  I quickly sold out of them last time, so give it a try, and make sure you come back soon to stock up.


$14 BTL. / $168 CASE



2014 Espelt Garnacha Blanca ” Old Vines,” Empordà, Spain


There are very few places in the world as idyllic to vacation as the stretch of land that runs North of Barcelona to the border of France.  That area where the Pyrenées and Mediterranean Sea meet is home to the appellation of Empordà.


The region encompasses 48 different municipalities, spread over the sub-regions of Alt Empordà and Baix Empordà.


Espelt is located in the Alt Empordà in Vilajuïga.  They are very closes to Roses, where famed Chef Ferran Adrià’s restaurant El Bulli use to operate.


They make a wide range of wines at Espelt, from sparkling, white, red and sweet wines.


I thought it would be interesting for this months sampler to not only include a red Grenache, but also a white.  The Espelt Garnacha Blanc “Old Vines” is truly a terrific value and an excellent interpretation of the grape.


In Empordà, Garnacha Blanc is also referred to as Lledoner Blanc.  Espelt brings in this fruit from a vineyard in the Albera Nature Reserve.    These are 50-year-old vines planted on a mixture of sandy granite and slate soils.  Once the fruit is harvested, they soak the juice and skins at a cool temperature for 8 hours, before a gentle pressing and natural decanting of the wine.  It is fermented in 2nd and 3rd-use French oak barrels, and spends 3 months on its lees.


Very aromatic with notes of citrus, apricot and fennel.  This has texture on the palate, but finishes very clean and fresh.  It’s a great food wine as it matches with a variety of fish, included Sepia (cuttlefish), and even simple roasted chicken.


A great value that we are excited for you to try.


$12 BTL. / $144 CASE



2012 Eric Texier Cotes du Rhone Blanc, Southern Rhône, France


It isn’t often that we feature a white wine from the Rhône Valley on our newsletter.  There is a reason for that.


It isn’t for a lack of love.  The real reason is that for the most part, white wine from either the Northern or Southern Rhône really doesn’t exist at a price point that allows us to put it on this feature.  Luckily for us we scored a deal on this wine that puts this delicious bottle in your hands for a few dollars less than it normally retails for.


So listen up – Eric Texier is one of the most well-known and influential names in the Rhône Valley in France.  While he didn’t grow up in a wine family, passion led him into the business in 1993 when he began interning at Verget in the Mâconnais.


The Texier approach to wine is to highlight specific terroir, working alongside farmers that provide him beautiful fruit.  Once in the winery, there is no intervention during vinification, only natural yeast, with no unnecessary racking, fining or filtering.


Now back to the wine at hand.  This Côtes du Rhône Blanc is made of primarily Clairette, with a smaller percentage of Grenache Blanc.  Making white Rhône wines is a tricky business, as its difficult to maintain freshness in the wines in the extreme heat, and there can be a tendency for some of these varietals to oxidize quickly.


Yet with Eric and his teams hard work in the vineyard and approach in the winery, this Côtes du Rhône Blanc has held up magnificently.  Subdued aromas of citrus and yellow plum lead into a texturally rich mouthfeel.  This doesn’t feel the least bit oily, rather it has the perfect weight that lends itself to pair with grilled chicken or pork.


$11.00 BTL. / $132 CASE



2011 Morisfarms Morellino di Scansano, Tuscany, Italy


In Central Italy, Sangiovese is King.  Names like Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti Classico are all the rage in restaurants around the globe.


Its always fun to bring you other expressions of Sangiovese, and that is what we’ve done by including this delicious value from Morisfarms.


Located in the appellation of Morellino di Scansano, which sits in Southern Tuscany along the coast.  It is a natural extension of the Maremma, which includes the appellation of Bolgheri, and famous names like Ornellaia and Sassicaia.


The “Morellino” of Scansano is the Sangiovese of the province of Grosetto.  The DOC was created in 1978.


The Moris family has been working in agriculture in the region for over 200 hundred years.  The history of wine production is much shorter, although they have been producing their Morellino di Scansano since 1981.


Made from 90% Sangiovese and 10% of Merlot and Syrah, the vines are planted on sandy soil giving it an elegance and finesse.


Really aromatic with black cherry, red licorice and flowers. Juicy and soft on the palate with just a whip of tannin, and a nice fresh finish.  Put a slight chill on it, and pair it with grilled sausages and sweet peppers.


$12 BTL. / $144 CASE

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Friday Feature 05/22/15: The New 6 for $120-Something Sampler

Today’s newsletter introduces our newest 6 for $120-Something Sampler.
If your unfamiliar with our sampler, the second to last Friday of the month, we release the new Six for $120-Something Sampler.  Six different bottles of wine, from around the world, tasted and approved by your crack wine staff here at Perman Wine.
This is a terrific sampler this month filled with some old and new favorites!
The best part of the sampler is that not only are you getting delicious and unique wines, you also have a mini wine lesson when reading our descriptions alongside.
So what are you waiting for – reserve yours today!
Have a Great Week-End!
Craig & Sheb (from France)


6 for $120-Something
2014 Dominique Cornin Mâcon-Chaintré” “Serreudières,” France
It is widely joked about in Craig’s household that when he travels, he really doesn’t give any itinerary of where he is going.  After all, itineraries are so 1990’s.
But just in case anyone wants to know, Craig was recently in Burgundy, and came back talking about a really epic tasting and lunch with Romain Cornin.  In Craig’s humble opinion this is a producer that is really firing on all cylinders right now, and what he tasted from 2012, 2013 and 2014 was nothing short of breathtaking.
We know that when one speaks of Burgundy, its all about Montrachet this and Montrachet that, but please take our word for it, appellations like Mâcon and its subregions are producing some ultra exciting Chardonnay. Just like the heart of Burgundy one can speak of terroir and really taste it in the wines.
Here is a perfect example, the 2014 Cornin Mâcon-Chaintré, a wine made entirely from Chardonnay, and from various plots near the winery at the foothills of Chaintré.  The soil is clay-limestone with some alluvial pebbles.  Romain Cornin talks about this wine, likening drinking it to biting into a green apple.  It’s fresh and vibrant, with apple, citrus and floral notes.  Its the type of White Burgundy that puts a smile on your face and doesn’t encourage a lot of thought.  Don’t get us wrong, its complex, but its freshness and drinkability make it go down way too easy!
Please don’t miss this and future offerings from Cornin, they are great wines (Hint – please ask about the special 2012 Pouilly-Fuissé that just came in!).
$22 BTL. / $264 CASE
2013 Central City Pinot Noir, Santa Maria Valley, CA There are always stories behind the wine you are drinking.  In the world of California wine, that story can often times come from the marketing department of Winery X, and often times be pretty much be full of “you know what.”

Our job here at Perman Wine Selections is to weed through the “you know what” an introduce you to and support people that are doing things the right way.

We really have a lot of respect for what Stephen Sullivan is doing here in Chicago.  He owns and operates a small distribution company that focuses on Central Coast wines.  We now carry a lot of his wines, because not only are they good, but most offer excellent value.

Stephen came to us recently with a Pinot Noir that he tasted on one of his trips to the Central Coast this past February.  He was visiting a winery in Happy Canyon, and was really excited about a few barrels of a Santa Maria Pinot Noir that he was tasting.  While he didn’t have any intention on buying a barrel of wine, when he found out the price of what he viewed as a really exciting and complex Pinot Noir, he took a leap of faith and bought 5 barrels.  Winemaker Ryan Roark helped him from there, finishing the wine and getting it to Chicago.

In total there are 128 cases of this excellent value Pinot Noir, and we know its going to sell out quickly.  This is a terrific example of Santa Maria Pinot Noir.  It has richness, pure red fruits, impressive texture, and finishes with great balance.

We know you like Pinot Noir, we do to.  If you prefer it from California, or even just appreciate the amazing diversity of the grape, we will whole heartedly tell you that you really aren’t going to find a much better value than this.  Bravo to Stephen and Ryan, you’ve got a good one on your hands.

$22 BTL. / $264 CASE

 2011 Celler Pardas Xarel-lo, Penedès, SpainWhen you write thousands of descriptions of wines over the course of your life, you have a difficult time really highlighting something you wish each of your customers would try.

Sometimes you repeat yourself, offering said wine each and every vintage and making sure you use words like “the best” and “greatest” over and over again.

We’ve done it many times with the wines of Celler Pardas, a producer that we have been championing for many years.

Guess what?  We are going to do it yet another time.

The new arrivals of Celler Pardas just landed, and we are excited to share the new vintage of the flagship wine of the winery with you, their truly spectacular Xarel.lo.

Celler Pardas is located in the Alt Penedès region of Catalunya, just south of Barcelona.  They are huge proponents of the white grape varietal Xarel.lo, which is notably used in Cava production.

They don’t produce a Cava, rather focuses on three white wines made from Xarel.lo.

We know that their isn’t much of a reference point for this type of wine, but we liken it to a Mediterranean version of White Burgundy.  It has texture and weight, but still feels refreshing, and often times offers some of those hazelnut notes that White Burgundy can give off.  Yet its distinctly Catalan, and those herbs and spices you smell are characteristic of the Alt Penedes and the Pardas home called Can Comas.

So here we are again, making sure that we encourage you to try the Cellar Pardas Xarel.lo.  It is a real wine, made by hardworking, dedicated people, farming the way a good vigneron should.  It’s the type of wine you should and would want to support, and we feel so lucky to be able to offer it to you.

One of the highlights of the year and really my foodie life, was when Abraham Conlon of Fat Rice paired the 2010 vintage with a dish composed of fresh matsutake mushrooms, apple and foie gras.  This is a gastronomic wine, and so play around with it, because it will surprise you in how it goes with many types of foods.

$28 BTL. / $168 SIX-PACK CASE

 2013 Deltetto Barbera d’Alba Superiore “Brame’,” Langhe, Italy
If you say the word Barbera to an Italian wine lover, they will probably start thinking about their next meal.That’s because Barbera, one of the great grape varietals of Piemonte in Northwest Italy, just happens to be one of those wines that you always want at your dinner table. Brambly fruit, soft tannins, freshness all in a distinctly NW Italian package, well its got us salivating over here.

Craig goes way, way back with the Deltetto wines.  Back when he lived in Oregon these were widely found at some of the best restaurants in Portland.  That’s because aside from Oregon Pinot, Portlanders love their Piedmont!

So needless to say, Craig was extra stoked to know that the wines of Deltetto come to Chicago, and they are clearly wines you need to know.  Located in Canale in the Roero, Carlo Deltetto produces a wide range of excellent Sparkling Wine, White Wine and of course Red Wine.  You really should try them all.

But to start, go with this Barbera that comes from higher elevation vineyards, and is vinified simply, with maceration for 7 days in tank and aging in large oak casks to bring some oxygen, but not wood flavors.

Now lets talk about food.  Of course this goes with pasta, something classic like a tajarin with a ragù.  But don’t hesitate to put this against meats such as poultry, veal or even pork.  It really is versatile, and most of all delicious.

$17 BTL. / $204 CASE
 2013 Bodegas Bouza Tannat Reserva, UruguayWe know that many of our customers have been firing up their grills on a more routine basis as of late.  So we wanted to think outside the box and bring you a red to pair with those steaks and burgers that you are cooking.

When was the last time you tried something from Uruguay?

There is a lot of potential in the wines of Uruguay.  With a climate similar to Bordeaux and regions with proximity to the sea, their is both the terroir and climate necessary to make great wines that have potential to age.  There are a variety of grapes planted in Uruguay, but in our opinion, Tannat has been the most exciting of those varieties.

Bodegas Bouza is one of the most respected wineries in Uruguay. The winery is located in Melilla, and one of the two vineyards used for this wine comes from just outside the winery.  The other vineyard is called Las Violetas, and is just 39 kilometers from downtown Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

The 2013 Bouza Tannat Reserva is an excellent introduction into both the grape and Uruguay itself.  It offers dark fruit, plum, cassis and even cocoa notes on the nose and palate.  It is medium bodied, with a slight hint of tannins in the mid palate, but finishes with fruit and overall good balance.

So next time you think grill, think Bouza Tannat.  Expand your horizons.

$20 BTL. / $240 CASE

2014 Emile Beyer Pinot Blanc “Tradition,” Alsace, FranceGuilty as charged.  That is right, we admit our guilt when it comes to not giving the wines of Alsace their due in our store.  A little explanation though – how many times do we have people come through on a routine basis and ask for Alsace?  Let alone, how many times would they be willing to drop $30-$50 on a bottle on a weeknight?

So it’s refreshing to us when we try wines from Alsace that can be enjoyed on an “everyday” type basis.  So let us introduce you to the wines of Emile Beyer, located in beautiful village of Eguisheim.

Any starting point in trying the wines of a good Alsatian producer will start with their Pinot Blanc.  Often times the Pinot Blanc will include a little of the lesser known varietal Pinot Auxerrois.  Pinot Blanc is a very neutral grape variety, and can range from overcropped and very light, to well made, with good dimension, but still an elegant, fruit forward style.  The Beyer version is the one you want to try, as its pure, with floral, citrus and pear notes, and offers that dimension that we want in any wine.

In general, the wines of Alsace are so flexible at the table, and that is true to form with this Pinot Blanc.  I’d be happy to bring this to a diverse group of BYOB’s, it will work with fish, poultry and even pork.

Always a great value.

$14 BTL. / $168 CASE

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Friday Feature 05/08/15: Whitcraft Winery & More Tastings!

Hello & Happy Friday!

It was a long week, but we had so much fun tasting and sharing ideas, culture and laughs with our Portuguese friends, Tiago Teles  of Tiago Teles Vinhos and Carlos Ruivo of Lagar de Darei. We had a great turn out at the tasting Tuesday in the shop, and the two dinners at Fat Rice on Wednesday.

Many of you ask about tastings, so here are a couple more we have in store for you:

Thursday, June 11th at 7PM

Inspired By White Burgundy

White Burgundy is one of life’s great pleasures! In this tasting, we will taste some great examples from the motherland, as well as take at look at others that are inspired and making Chardonnay with a Burgundian feel from their terroir.






Thursday, July 23rd at 7PM
A night with Albert Jané of Acústic Celler

Join us for an informative evening as we spend the night tasting through the excellent wines made at Acústic Celler in Montsant and Priorat (Spain). Winemaker/owner Albert Jané will be on hand to give us a intimate view into his process and philosophies. We love our Catalans and Albert is a really fascinating guy and a great friend.







Now onto our Feature!

Have a Great Weekend!

Craig & Sheb



Friday Feature: Whitcraft Winery


The Friday Features are sometimes born of long-term planning and waiting patiently for arrivals, and sometimes something comes across the desk on a late Thursday afternoon that cannot be passed up.


The Pinot Noirs  & Chardonnay of Whitcraft were a Thursday afternoon stumble upon the desk kind of thing. This is the first time they have been in the market, and we were really impressed with their vibrancy and structure.



Whitcraft Winery is 30 years old and located in Santa Barbara County. Started by the late Chris Whitcraft and now run by his son, Drake, the winery has always specialized in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Drake’s position is one of minimal intervention. He does not make a lot of wine. This is a whole  cluster, very little new oak and ambient yeast kind of production scene.


Drake is a pretty mellow dude, and we spoke with him sy length about his wines and philosophical point of view. Largely, he is troubled by the amount of inputs and chemical additions he sees going on with winemaking in his region. We spoke about old world wines, specifically Chablis, and how as wine drinkers we desire acidity and vibrancy, and how he strives for these qualities in his winemaking.


The wines posses a purity of fruit and are aromatically very pretty. An underpinning of structure comes from his insistence of stem inclusion. Pinot  Noir Lovers should not pass up this opportunity. Please email us your desired order, the wines arrive in about 3 weeks.


Do not miss these!




2013 Presqu’ile Vineyard Chardonnay


Creamy and redolent of baked apple and pear, with great punch and acidity. 40 cases produced,


$48.00/ BOTTLE





2013 Four Soils Pinot Noir-Santa Barbara County


The fruit for this Pinot comes from Pence Ranch and three other sites. Great aromatic lift and light structure. Pie cherries and a hint of fresh thyme. A seriously good value! 200 cases made.







2013 Pence Ranch Clone 828 Pinot Noir


Pence Ranch is a 200 acre clay and limestone vineyard of relatively high elevation 50 yards outside the Santa Rita Hills AVA.  Beautiful cherry fruit and a hint of conifer. Truly stunning. 66 Cases produced.







2013 Sierra Madre Vineyard Pinot Noir


Warmer vineyard site planted to German Spätburgunder clones. Silky, dense and opulent, with good acidity underneath the power. 44 cases produced.





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Friday Feature 05/01/14: What We Love About France

Friday Feature: What We Love About France

Domaine du Collier

We encourage all Loire Valley wine enthusiasts to get in on the ground floor of this most exciting, up and coming Domaine!

Domaine du Collier was established in 1999 by Antoine Foucault. if this name sounds vaguely familiar, it is because his uncle and Father are the owners of the famed Clos Rougeard. Antoine was trained by his family and now farms 7 hectares of vines in Saumur. Craig tasted these wines last week in France and immediately came home and ordered them. We are very lucky to have some. The wines are incredible, made with great depth and truly stunning expressions of Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. We have every reason to believe these will become as rare and coveted as Clos Rougeard has, over the next several years.



2011 Domaine du Collier Saumur Blanc


This is made with old vine Chenin Blanc from the hillsides of the famed Brézé plot. Everything is hand harvested, and fermentation is done with native yeasts in older barrels. Aging is 24 + months in a very cold underground cellar, in foudre.


There is creamy complexity to this wine, with a range of apple fruit (from cider apples to golden delicious) as well as mineral and brioche. Truly lovely wine.


$40.99/BTL-$245.94/ 6 PACK CASE





2011 Domaine du Collier Saumur Rouge “La Charpentrie”


La Charpentrie is also on the hillsides of Brézé, a lieux-dit of old vines Cabernet Franc.  Lurking underneath clay topsoils lies classic tuffeau.  The fermentation process and aging are very similar to the Chenin, although there are some new barrels used in the production of this wine. No racking takes place however.


This is a harmonious yet taut Cabernet Franc which will absolutely thrill. The precision and delicacy is mind blowing.


No doubt that this is one of the great reds of the Loire, and should be in any Cabernet Franc lovers cellar.


$58.99/BTL-$353.94/ 6 PACK CASE





Domaine Sylvain Pataille


2010 Domaine Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Rouge 


Marsannay may not be the sexiest address in the Côte de Nuits, but we were charmed and more than  impressed with this village wines from Sylvain Pataille. Sylvain only works with vineyards in Marsannay La Côte, which is considered the top terroir of the village. . His wines are very pretty, and without the rough and rustic edges one sometimes finds in these wines.


We were also thrilled that plenty of 2010 was available, as this vintage will go down in Burgundian history as one of the great ones. The wine is open, dense and generous, with cherry fruit, great mineral and an earthy underpinning that is just right.


$28.99/ BTL.-$347.88/CASE OF 12



Champagne Agrapart
If you love Blanc de Blancs from Champagne, then in our humble opinion, top to bottom, this is the best producer in Champagne today.
Each year, we beg for a small allocation of the vintage Champagnes from this producer.  Even as a long time customer, the allocation is often meager.
We are excited to announce the 2008’s, a vintage that Craig tasted in Champagne with Pascal Agrapart.  The 2008’s are really pure, very linear without a lot of baby fat to them. They are accessible, although for maximum pleasure give them the time in bottle they deserve.
There is only 6 bottles of each, and we offer them first come, first serve.
NV Agrapart Champagne “Complantée” Extra Brut
A blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay all from Avize.
2008 Agrapart Champagne “Minéral” Blanc de Blancs, Extra Brut
A cuvée produced from old-vines in Avize and Cramant, a limestone terroir, half in barrel
2008 Agrapart Champagne “L’Avizoise” Blanc de Blancs, Extra Brut
55+ year-old vines, selection of their top parcels on the Avize hillsides, planted in clay, matured in oak.
2008 Agrapart Champagne “Vénus” Blanc de Blancs, Brut Nature
From a parcel planted in 1959, worked by horse, matured in oak, 5 years on its lees, epic.
Chandon de Briailles
We’re baffled.  Many colleagues in the wine business, whether they are reviewers, or fellow buyers, completely miss these wines.  It just doesn’t make sense.
If you buy Burgundy for the finesse, for the pretty fruit and the ability to just glide across your palate, then this is where you want to be.  For the same reason we get excited about producers like Lafarge in Volnay, is the same reason we get excited about the wines of Chandon de Briailles.  They just feel right, and above all taste good.
Chandon de Briailles owns just under 14 hectares of vineyards spread across three villages: Savigny-lès-Beaune (their home base), Pernand-Vergelesses, and Aloxe-Corton.  They make both white and red wine from an array of Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards, the latter from prestigious vineyards on the hill of Corton.
Having just been in Burgundy, its pretty easy to see the wide amount of vineyards that are totally bombed out by pesticides, not taken care of, and this is even in some of the top Grand Cru’s.  So it is important to note that Chandon de Briailles is fully certified Biodynamic by Demeter, and that great care is taken in the vineyards to reduce the yields, and bring in healthy grapes.  You would think this is common sense in today’s Burgundy, but it really isn’t.
We don’t often get to use the “V” word when talking about Burgundy.  In the case of Chandon de Briailles, these wines are great values given the farming pratices, yields, great vineyards sites, and attention to detail.
Please don’t sleep on these beautiful 2012’s.  They are beautiful.
2012 Chandon de Briailles Savigny-lès-Beaune “Les Lavières,” 1er Cru
A perennial favorite of ours.  Planted in 1954, predominantly limestone soil.  This vineyard always provides such complex and beautiful aromas, violets, red fruits and a hint of licorice.
2012 Chandon de Briailles Pernand-Vergelesses “Les Vergelesses,” 1er Cru
Such a great value, and accessible now, although will go for several years.  Vines planted in 1954, very clay and iron rich soil.  Such great intensity due to a 40% reduction in crop in 2012.  Pretty, perfumed, what we crave in Burgundy.
2012 Chandon de Briailles Pernand-Vergelesses “Ile de Vergelesses,” 1er Cru
Craig’s birthday yielded a mini-vertical of this wine from ’96, ’02 and ’05.  A great aging wine of great complexity.  Average age of 40 years, planted on clay and limestone.  Accessible now, but worth a few years in bottle, as Craig can attest to.
2012 Chandon de Briailles Corton “Les Bressandes,” Grand Cru
From four parcels mid-slope, composed of clay and limestone.  Great depth and richness that typifies the hill of Corton.  Ultimately a wine to age, best from 2020-2030+.
2012 Chandon de Briailles Corton “Clos du Roi,” Grand Cru
Incredible site, next to Corton-Charlemagne, high altitude, steep with clay/limestone and a little sand.  A wine to age, best from 2022-2035.
2012 Chandon de Briailles Corton Blanc, Grand Cru
Super rare wine, Chardonnay planted in red wine terroir, from Bressandes, Chaumes and Renardes.  Quite rich, but there is no new oak or lees stirring, so it maintains brilliant acidity and balance.
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Friday Feature 04/24/15: The New 6 for $70-Something Sampler!

6 for $70-Something

2013 Dürer-Weg Lagrein-Süditrol/Alto Adige, Italy


Remember Hammer time? This selection brings us to Umlaut time!


We return again to one of our favorite wine regions, the southern Tyrol in Alto Adige, northeastern Italy.


This is where an Austrian cultural mores is experienced through an Italian lens. The cultures have meshed and collided over the years, through some very serious wars and conflicts.


Today’s wine is a Lagrein, a grape whose origins are unclear, but has always grown around the Bolzano Basin. Lagrein is capable of great complexity, although sometimes with a feral, rustic edge. I can say, however, with complete confidence that Dürer-Weg’s version is high on complexity and zero in the rustic department. It has a plump, boysenberry and plum flavor profile, with hints of fresh soil and just a little black pepper in the finish.


$12.00/BTL.-$144.00/CASE OF 12



2014 Fiction Pinot Gris “Fifth Edition”-California


Last summer we sold quite a bit of a wine called “Field Recordings” which was a Tempranillo blend. Fiction is another label also made by winemaker Andrew Jones.


Mr. Jones is somewhat of a “vineyard whisperer”, and purportedly has encyclopedic knowledge of clones and is a true soil nerd. He has developed friendships with many farmers and vineyard owners in California’s Central Coast and it is of these relationships that his wine is born.


In tasting it, I was completely enamored by this wine: texturally lovely with very fresh vivid flavors. Mainly it is Pinot Gris from Edna Valley, but there is also a little bit of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Malvasia for some lift and aromatic nuances.



$15.00/BTL.-$180.00/CASE OF 12



2009 Belfield Syrah- Elgin, South Africa


We have fallen a bit for the wines of the cool Elgin Valley, in South Africa’s Western Cape Ward. it is not often that we are able to name check the Hottentots-Holand Mountain Range in two consecutive newsletters, but it is these that provide a natural protection for the grapes, as they benefit from the cool south Atlantic breezes.


Belfield is a tiny, family owned farm who work with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc & Syrah.


Beautifully structured, this wine is in possession of ample fruit without getting jammy or out of control. The wine saw about 11 months maturation in french oak (mostly used) and has come around in a truly lovely way with extended bottle time.


There is a Northern Rhône feeling about it, but also speaks to the new world. A tremendous addition to this month’s sampler!


$15.00/ BTL.-$180.00/CASE OF 12



2013 Lorenzo Costantini Frascati Superiore “Borgo del Cedro”-Lazio, Italy


Frascati is the official (unofficially) white wine of Rome. This region has been producing wine for thousands of years, from vineyards that lie just south west of the great city.


Being an ancient and historic site, the wine is still made from the ancient and historic grapes of Malvasia Lazio, Malvasia Candia, and Trebbiano.


Frascati was yet another one of those Italian white wines (in the vein of Soave and Orvieto) that saw some hard times in the 1970s, and due to over production, came to have a reputation for thin swill.


Ask yourselves though- would we here at Perman Wine Selections sell you thin swill? Please do not say yes.


Lorenzo Constantini is serious about Frascati production, and takes great care with his Frascati. He is in the Superiore Zone which encompasses Rome, and requires extra degree of ripeness.


Fresh and bursting with citrus (especially lemon curd and peel), this wine is a perfect porch pounder or soulmate for baked fish dishes.


$12.00/BTL.-$144.00/CASE OF 12



2012 Domaine Demeure-Pinet Jacquère- Vin des Allobroges, France


Vin des Allobroges is the basic category for wine production in the Savoie region of France. The name refers to a fierce and ancient Gallic tribe who once dominated the salt trails between the Rhône River and Lake Geneva, and whose capital is now the city of Vienne. Their empire eventually fell, but they did leave great archeological evidence of their once dominant golden age.


Red and white production is allowed, as well as sparkling wine, and tends to be mono-varietal, like today’s Jacquère made by Chrystèle and Philippe Pinet, a lovely couple who work biologically, and whose winery is in Saint-Genix sur Guiers.


Jacquère is by far the most important white variety in the Savoie. It is responsible for light fresh mountain wines, and that is exactly the kind of situation we have here. This is exactly the kind of wine you want hanging around for a plate full of firm cheeses or a hearty tuna sandwich, seasoned with vinegar, olive oil and red chili flakes.


$12.00/BTL-$144.00/CASE OF 12



2012 Finca Os Cobatos Mencia-Monterrei, Spain


Of all the wine zones in Galicia, Monterrei is probably the least known (as Rias Biaxas is the most). It is a dry, warm DO that sits right at the border of Portugal in Ourense province.


Fica Os Cobatos is owned by the Mendez Family of Pazo do Mar. Planted in the 1980s, this is one of the oldest vineyards planted in Monterrei. They have 10 hectares devoted to Godello and Mencia, called Jaen in Portugal, in case you were wondering.


Mencia is capable of producing wines with a large a range of styles, from structured and intense to supple and fruity, like today’s selection. This wine has definitely benefited from some age, and is in a lovely, plum and cherry laden state, with floral aromatics and a hint of earth.


$11.00/BTL.-$132.00/CASE OF 12

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The Wine Wire: 2013 De Moor Chablis

We have received our De Moor allocation this year, and while typically we would do a whole newsletter devoted to the wines, this year we simply did not get enough wine. We got 6 bottles of each, no more.


2013 De Moor Bourgogne-Chitry $29.99
2013 De Moor Chablis L’Humeur du Temps $31.99
2013 De Moor Chablis Vendageur Masque $31.99
2013 De Moor Chablis Belair & Clardy $41.99
2013 De Moor Sauvignon de St. Bris “Sans Bruit” $31.99(100% Sauvignon Blanc, highly textured)


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Friday Feature 04/17/15: The New 6 for $120-Something Sampler

2014 Cameron Winery “Giovanni”-Dundee Hills, OR

Years ago, I worked at a fine restaurant in Seattle called the Dahlia Lounge, and we had a wonderful wine by the glass there from Cameron Winery made from Pinot Blanc. This is where I first fell in love with the variety, and how a quest in my heart was ignited that led me to Alsace, Austria, Burgundy, Alto Adige and beyond.

It so happened that around the same time, Craig was living and working in the wine business in Portland, Oregon. Over the years, Craig and John Paul, owner and winemaker of Cameron Winery, became friends.

One of the things that both of us missed about our time in the NW was regularly drinking the wines of Cameron.  So Craig did a little begging and pleading with John Paul, to let us have what are always very allocated wines.

That brings us to today, and first time that we have received and been able to offer anything outside of the Pinot Noir’s and Chardonnay’s.

Let us take a moment to introduce you to what will become your white wine of the Spring and Summer – Giovanni.

The 2014 Giovanni is based on Pinot Blanc, but also has a bit of Pinot Gris & Chardonnay blended in.  All the fruit comes from Abbey Ridge Vineyard, a high-altitude, organically farmed site that was planted in 1976. The Pinot Blanc and gris are planted at the highest peak, and are often harvested in late October, which imbues the resulting wines with great ripeness, beautiful minerality and taut acidity.

This wine is exclusive to Perman Wine Selections.

It is so delicious that we unintentionally (we swear) polished off a bottle of this in only 30 minutes a couple days ago!

Don’t miss this, its limited, but worth stocking up on!

$19.00/BTL.-$228.00/CASE OF 12



2013 Catherine Marshall Pinot Noir- Elgin, South Africa

Pinot Noir is the number one requested varietal wine here in the shop. It is often with heavy hearts that we find ourselves in the unenviable position of considering good Pinot Noirs that are tragically expensive, or considering poorly made examples at slightly lower prices. One cannot win.

That is why it was a particularly thrilling little victory when we opened the white label Pinot Noir from Catherine Marshall, a small, dynamic producer in cool Elgin Valley, South Africa. Elgin Valley is part of the Cape South Coast Region of the Western Cape Ward, and famous for viticulture and apple orchards. Its close proximity to the South Atlantic Coast, and natural protection by the Hottentots-Holland Mountain Range make it a particularly attractive area for growing cool climate varieties such as Pinot Noir.

Everything about this wine seems right; from it’s light, ruby/brick color, intense fruit and marvelous acidity. Ms. Marshall de-stems all her fruit and has a light touch with oak barrels. There is great ripeness here, but it is not overwrought, instead, well -tempered by its pleasing structure.

$22.00/BTL.-$264.00/ CASE OF 12



2013 Vin des Fossiles Sauvignon Gris “Cuvée Les Perdix”- Saône et Loire, France

The vines for Vin des Fossiles are planted in a sort of “no man’s land” in southwestern Burgundy on the eastern bank of the Loire River as it makes it way south, towards Roanne. This area sees varieties we associate with the Loire (Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris) as well as Burgundy (Chardonnay and Gamay). Semur-en-Brionnais, where Vin des Fossils is located, is 79 kilometers west of Mâcon. The allier forest is close, as well as herds of delicious Charolais beef.

Sauvignon Gris is a pink skinned mutation of Sauvignon Blanc; Vin des Fossils oversees a 30 year old vineyard in their Font Gain site, with a typically Burgundian terroir of clay and limestone. The wine is fresh, a liquid embodiment of ruby red grapefruit and tingly minerals. The wine is aged in stainless steel and pairs perfectly with warm spring nights. However, if you prefer food, this light white will enhance any salad, spring soup or vegetarian sandwich you might fix for yourself.

$24.00/BTL.-$288.00/CASE OF 12


2005 Quinta da Bica Tinto Reserva, Dão, Portugal

If hard pressed to say what might be our best value red wine in the store, this wine would be the answer.

Quinta da Bica is a small family producer located in the Serra da Estrela subregion of the Dão in Portugal.

Despite producing only 30,000 bottles per year in total, they make an incredible range of white, rosé and red.

Their 2005 Tinto Reserva is a simply stunning red wine, and at 10 years old, given its complexity, it is hard to believe this retails for $29.

So what is it?  Typical of Portuguese wines, it is a blend of indigenous varietals: 50% Touriga Nacional, 20% Alfrocheiro, 20% Jaen and 10% Tinta Roriz.  Each variety is vinified separately, and eventually blended before half of it ages in French oak for 9 months.

This saw extended bottle aging, given it the complexity that you see today.

Incredible aromatics with bright black and red berry fruit, hints of chocolate, smoke and spice.  On the palate, it has richness, intensity, spice and yet great freshness and length.  This is a lot of wine for the money, part of the reason it is sold out at the winery and pretty much impossible to find anywhere else but Perman Wine Selections.

Please don’t miss this.  Even with its bottle age, we would recommend decanting for an hour prior to serving, and while it shows great in any glass, a Burgundy glass really helps express its aromatics.

$29.00 BTL. / $174 SIX-PACK CASE


2013 Lucarelli “La Ripe” Bianchello del Metauro-Marche, Italy

Craig’s foray into the Marche last year has truly inspired us and we have become a little obsessed with the agrarian cultures of this somewhat unknown region.

The true name of the grape here is Biancame, called Bianchello in Metauro, in the Northern part of the region  about 15 miles from the eastern coast. Wines made from this variety are super fresh with delicate floral aromas. We have noticed that as the wines age a bit they get more fresh, as this wine, when we tasted it out 8 months ago was more creamy and soft.  At this point in its career it is showing a tremendous amount of citrus and mineral.

Roberto Lucarelli’s small winery is located just outside of the beautiful village of Cartoceto.  Well known to locals for its white and red wines as well as its exceptional olive oils, Roberto is one of the leading producers of the region.

The 2013 La Ripe Bianchello comes from 20 year-old vines with Southeast exposure at 300 meters above sea level.  Temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel tank, it sees a very short time on its lees before being bottled.

This is really singing right now, and will be a nice choice for those seeking Sauvignon Blanc-alternatives.  It is a fantastic value.

$15.00/BTL.-$180.00/CASE OF 12 


2013 Paco Garcia Rioja “Seis” – La Rioja, Spain

Bodegas Paco Garcia was conceived by the young Juan Batista. It is a 40 hectare estate, with some impressively older vines, ranging in age from 8-80 years. Juan has a great concern that wine culture is dying among his contemporaries, as he is seeing less and less wine consumption amongst his friends. I too, worry about this, along with Juan, as I see the cocktail and beer culture taking over. He describes the Seis as an “unashamed” wine and previously I was unaware that wine was able to feel the emotion of shame but now I have been schooled.

Glib commentary aside, this is a pure, juicy Tempranillo made in a very earnest way, aged in used french oak and released as a young, fresh wine with a generous, fleshy spirit. Seis (or six) refers to the aging time.

We see this wine as a incredibly quaffable summer red, cool and silky, to work with grilled meats, and anything else your grill might throw its way.

$14.00/BTL.-$168.00/CASE OF 12

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The Wine Wire: 20 Year Old Arinto That Will Blow Your Mind

Quinta do Poço do Lobo was established in 1972, a remote, 25 hectare estate in Pocariça, in the Bairrada.  There is an astoundingly large stock of very old wine stored here in the cellars, most of which have been a secret until now.

When we think of age-worthy white wines, certainly Arinto is one of the last varieties to come to mind. But Arinto presents difficulty in growing, and is high in acidity, and these factors along with its famously small berries all contribute to the potential for long-lived wines.

We tasted this earlier this summer and Craig was determined to bring some in. Of course, there are some woodsy, savory notes present, and a golden color, but the wine still has a lively freshness and orchard fruit that abounds.

This would be an incredible friend to have around on omelette night, or with some hard, sheep’s milk cheeses. Smoked trout would also be incredible.


1995 Caves Saõ João Quinta do Poço do Lobo Arinto- Vinho Regionla Beiras, Portugal

$31.99/BOTLLE-$191.94/SIX PACK CASE




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The Wine Wire: Jean Lallement et Fils Millésime 2008

Be kind to your future-self and purchase this Champagne. It could be the future-self that you see this evening at 7pm, you know the one wearing a pair of faded sweatpants and grilling a chicken breast, or a more glamorous future-self you meet further down the line. This is all fruit from Verzernay, composed of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and less than 720 bottles were made. It’s rare, sleek, yet powerful too.


2008 Jean Lallement et Fils Champagne


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Friday Feature 04/10/15: 2011 Pre-Sell from Paolo Scavino

Hello and Happy Friday!

We are excited to announce two new events on today’s newsletter.

As you know, we’ve declared May, “Invasion of the Portuguese month,”as some of the country’s best wine producers will be visiting Chicago.

We are really excited that our friends Carlos Ruivo of Lagar de Darei and Tiago Teles of Tiago Teles Vinhos, will be visiting the United States for the first time and trusting us to take good care of them!

Many of you will recognize those names as we’ve featured them in recent newsletters, but if not, here is a quick primer:

Lagar de Darei – The Dão region of Portugal is home to some of the country’s best white and red wines.  Darei is amongst its newer stars, located in the small village of Darei in Mangualde. The Ruivo family produces soulful, authentic wines that speak of their terroir.

Tiago Teles – In just his second vintage, Tiago has emerged as someone special in the Portuguese wine scene.  His two unique and delicious reds come from the Bairrada region.  They emphasize freshness and speak to their cool climate.

We are excited to offer the following two opportunities to meet and taste with Carlos and Tiago!


Tuesday, May 5th 

Meet & Greet with Carlos Ruivo of Darei and Tiago Teles

@ Perman Wine Selections, 802 W. Washington Blvd.

$15 Per Person (non-refundable ticket)

RSVP by responding to this email, all tickets must be secured with a credit card
Please join us for an informal walk-around tasting of the full range of wines from Lagar de Darei in the Dão and Tiago Teles from Bairrada.


The producers will be pouring from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM.


To help manage the flow of traffic we are asking that our customers sign up for tasting on the half hour.  Only 8 spots will be available per half hour.  When you RSVP, please choose what time you will stop by (5:30, 6, 6:30, 7, or 7:30).




Wednesday, May 6th

Fat Rice dinner featuring the wines of Darei and Teles

@ Fat Rice, 2957 W. Diversey Ave.

$85 per person, plus tax and tip ($110 total)


We are always excited to partner with Fat Rice!


We’ve worked alongside with Executive Chef Abraham Conlon to come up with a 5-Course tasting menu, each course being paired with a wine either from Darei or Tiago Teles.
Fat Rice will offer two seatings, one at 6 PM and one at 8:30 PM.  Guests will be seated at a communal table, with only 10 spots available per seating.

We anticipate this selling out very quickly!
To sign up please go to the following link:

Sign Up For The Dinner Here!

In other store news, please note that Perman Wines will be CLOSED on Monday, April 20th.  Craig will be in France that week, and Sheb will maintain normal business hours Tuesday through Saturday.



Just a reminder: We have finally secured some customer parking in the back. There is an alley in the back of the shop that runs parallel to, and is in between Washington & Randolph. There are two spaces marked “Perman Wine Selections”. Customers of the store are welcome to use one of these spots while shopping.

If you turn into the alley and find the two spaces filled, please briefly use one of our neighbors’ open spots, but please let us know right away if you do.

If you are using the loading zone in the front of the shop, please remember to put on your flashing lights.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend,
Craig & Sheb


Friday Feature

About The Scavino Family
This week we were thrilled to have the opportunity to taste through the new vintage of wines with Elisa Scavino of the famed Barolo estate, Paolo Scavino.
As huge fans of the region, we have always tried to offer our customers a handful of the top growers of the region.  The Scavino wines are always highly recommend, and this most definitely includes the list below.
Now in its fourth generation, under Elisa and Enrica Scavino, this is a special estate that owns 23 hectares of vines in 19 Barolo Crus (vineyards).
If you have traveled to the region (and we love to ourselves), then you have witnessed the beautiful rolling hills where vineyards seemingly are everywhere.  What isn’t apparent is that within the vast landscape, only a few of these vineyards are truly exceptional.
So when you get a chance to taste with a winery like Scavino, and notice the exceptional quality, they will tell you it is because they have the honor of working with grapes from so many magical  and prized vineyards.
Aside from the terroir, there is the family.  Dedicated to their vineyards and grapes, Elisa’s father is also a great innovator in the winery, even designing himself tanks that allow the cap to be totally submerged, a process that is more gentle, and just one example of the total thought process to make the most beautiful wines, and let the terroir shine through.
The 2011 Cru’s are really fantastic wines.  There are going to be Barolo enthusiasts that sleep on this vintage, and they are going to be sadly mistaken.  If you love finesse in wines, then this is truly your vintage.  We were blown away by them!
This is a pre-arrival offer!  The wines will be ordered soon, and arrive towards the beginning of June.  The Cru Barolo will likely sell out as they always do, so it is important to order now.
Don’t miss these truly exceptional examples of Nebbiolo!
P.S. – Please inquire into magnum formats


2013 Paolo Scavino Langhe Nebbiolo
A sneak preview into what will be the highly anticipated 2013’s.  We were stunned by the complexity and pedigree of this wine, and the incredible value it offers. Drink now or hold even for 5-8 years.
$24.99/BTL-$179.88/CASE OF 12


2011 Paolo Scavino Barolo
Barolo from Scavino comes from several different cru in four different communes- a brilliant expression of their vineyards, and truly a tremendous value.
$47.99/BTL.-$575.88 CASE OF 12

2011 Paolo Scavino Barolo “Carobric”


This wine is produced from three cru: Cannubi, Rocche di castiglione and Fiasco. Historically Barolo was always a blended wine and this bottling harkens back to those days.


$77.99/BTL.-$467.94 WOODEN SIX PACK CASE


2011 Paolo Scavino Barolo “Bricco Ambrogio”


This cru is in the commune of Roddi, in the north. A perpetual charmer, Ambrogio always drinks beautifully when young, but is also a wine to lay down for the ages.


$64.99/BTL.-$389.94/ WOODEN SIX PACK CASE


2011 Paolo Scavino Barolo “Monvigliero”

From Verduno, the proximity of this cru to the Tanaro River creates a special micro-climate, resulting in a wine with elegant aromatics, a mineral edge and powerful fruit.

$75.99/BTL.-$455.94 WOODEN SIX PACK CASE


2011 Paolo Scavino Barolo “Cannubi”
Undisputedly the most important cru in the commune of Barolo,  this is a rich, age-worthy wine with unbridled tenacity and an expressive, haunting nose.
$94.99/BTL.-$569.94 WOODEN SIX PACK CASE
2011 Paolo Scavino Barolo “Bric dël Fiasc”
This was the first single vineyard wine from the Scavino family back in 1978.  The Fiasco vineyard is an exceptional site, and the wine can best be summed up as a perfect combination of power and fitness.
$94.99/BTL.-$569.94 WOODEN SIX PACK CASE
2009 Paolo Scavino Barolo Riserva “Rocche dell’Annunziata”
We will finish the offer with an incredible Riserva bottling from 2009, from the cru of Rocche dell’Annunziata in La Morra. This is a northwest facing hillside with an altitude of about 300m. This wine is in possession of beautiful floral aromatics and attractive cherry fruits- truly stunning even in its infancy.
This is always one of the top wines of Barolo!
$154.99/BTL.-$929.94/WOODEN SIX PACK CASE
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