6 for $60-Something – August 24th, 2012

Happy Friday!

Important Store News: Tomorrow I will be traveling to Spain for 16 days. I will be gone from Saturday, August 25th and will return Tuesday, September 11th.

During that time, the store will be open on limited days as Huge will be around to help you with all your wine needs.

August 25-27: CLOSED

August 28-30: OPEN, regular store hours (12:00 – 8:00pm)

August 31-September 3: CLOSED, please be sure to pick up all your Labor Day weekend needs by August 30th

September 4-5: OPEN, regular store hours (12:00 – 8:00pm)

September 6: OPEN, closing early (12:00 – 6:30pm)

September 7: OPEN, regular store hours (12:00 – 8:00pm)

September 8: OPEN, regular weekend store hours (11:00 – 7:00pm)

September 9-10: CLOSED

September 11: OPEN, regular store hours (CRAIG RETURNS)

While my wine trips are quite a bit of fun, I also take them very seriously, as my hundreds of trips to wineries over the years have provided me with an intimate knowledge of wineries and wine regions.

Losing a couple weeks of time at the store is costly to my business, but I’ve determined that it is necessary for me to continue to travel in order to provide the level of knowledge and service that I strive for.

By stocking up before I leave, and patronizing the store while Huge takes over, you are supporting my endeavors and helping make Perman Wine Selections an even better store to shop at.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

It is time to introduce the newest “Six for $60-Something” Sampler!

Never heard of this sampler and want to know what it’s about?

Six wines, hand-selected by me, that represent a range of styles – all hovering around the $10 price point.  Each wine is available by the bottle or case, but as I often say, for maximum pleasure you should take the whole sampler.

The “Six for $60-Something” is highly recommended to those learning about wines, trying to stock their wine rack with affordable and tasty adult beverages, or wanting to bring a gift to someone hosting a party.

So how does this work? To order, simply e-mail me back and say “Hey Craig, hook me up.” To join the devoted legions of fans who receive them every month you can just say “and keep ’em coming!” Some people are challenged by some of the wines that I put in to my sampler. If Gamay makes you faint, Viura reminds you of an ex you wanted to forget about or any other interesting reason why you can not drink one of the following wines, then I will substitute and try to get the sampler as close to $60 as possible.

A suggestion to those folks trying to learn from this as well as get a buzz – print out a copy of the newsletter to keep with your sampler. That way, when you are in the mood for a bottle, you have your own mini-wine lesson on hand.  So what are you waiting for?  Order yours today! The “6 for $60-Something” is in stock and ready to be picked up any time!

Thanks again for all your support!





2009 Château Ollieux Romanis Corbières “Cuvée Classique”
If there is one thing that the “6 for $60-Something” Sampler has proved over the years, it’s the undeniable fact that the Languedoc turns out some of the world’s greatest red wine values.  In the ocean of wine that is the Languedoc, you are going to find the bad with the good.  But that is why I’m here, to sift through that bad and mediocre and find you the gems!

This delicious “every day” wine comes from a producer I have featured several times on the sampler, Cháteau Ollieux Romanis.  Located in the Northern part of the Corbières appellation this historic property is located in the sub-appellation of Boutenac.  They make around a dozen wines focused on local varietals.

“Cuvée Classique is a blend of 40% Carignan, 30% Grenache, and 30% Syrah.  Vine age runs from 15 all the way to 100 years of age.  Low yields, hand harvested, it is vinified by carbon maceration.

Notes of dark cherry and Mediterranean herbs on the nose.  Medium-bodied with more red and dark berry fruit and spice on the palate.  A really savory red, that works great with meats like duck and quail.  Another great buy from Ollieux Romanis!
$10.50 BTL. / $126.00 CASE



2010 Cedrus “Le Blanc” Côtes de Gascogne
This is the second month in a row that I’ve featured a white wine from the Côtes de Gascogne appellation, yet the two couldn’t be any more different in style.

This month’s featured producer is Château du Cèdre, a famous producer based in the appellation of Cahors in Southwest France.  The Verhaeghe brothers have really turned things around at the estate in the last decade, with new state of the art equipment in the winery, and more importantly, organic farming and lower yields in the vineyard.

The Cedrus “Le Blanc” is the entry level white wine from du Cèdre.  It is a blend of 60% Colombard and 40% Ugni Blanc.  It is fermented and rested in stainless steel tanks.

The results are a very bright and citrus-driven style of white wine.  I could drink this all day and all by itself!  It also works well with simple white fish like sea bass.
$12.50 BTL. / $150.00 CASE


2011 Castillo del Baron Monastrell
Monastrell a.k.a. Mourvèdre is a workhorse varietal in the region of Murcia in Spain. I’ve included these values so many times in my monthly sampler, I’ve considered changing the name to the “Monastrell of the Month Club!”

Monastrell is a thick-skinned, highly pigmented varietal, that thrives in sunny climates.  Successful examples always come from regions that have a dramatic temperature swing between day and night time.  That is because without the cooling effect of this swing, the wine would be a big, alcoholic mess.

Castillo del Baron comes from the appellation of Yecla in Murcia.  At 500-700 meters above sea level the grapes retain a bright, natural acidity.  20-25 year old vines, hand harvested, they are vinified partially in the traditional method and a small part via carbonic maceration.

Bright, explosive blackberry notes on the nose, with hints of cocoa, cassis and fennel finishing through on the palate.  This is a serious wine for the price and should be enjoyed with red meat.  A terrific burger wine!
$9.00 BTL. / $108.00 CASE

2010 C.V.N.E. “Monopole” Rioja Blanco
The village of Haro in the Rioja region of Spain is home to some of the countries best wineries.  If you head down to the Barrio de la Estación, you will see some of the most prestigious producers of the region: López de Heredia, Muga, Roda, La Rioja Alta and “C.V.N.E.”

Compañia Vinícola del Norte de España which is shortened to “C.V.N.E.” or Cune, like many of the other wineries in the area was founded in 1879.  It is a big operation, producing millions of bottles a year.  Yet despite the scale, it maintains a quality level that is rarely seen in a producer of this size.

While everyone knows Rioja for their fabulous red wines, Cune has produced a white wine under the “Monopole” label since 1915, making it the oldest white wine brand in Spain.  It is composed entirely of the grape varietal, Viura.  A cold maceration, followed by fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, yields a highly aromatic and fresh white wine.

Packed with aromas of white flowers, citrus and apple.  It is clean and crisp on the palate, and can be enjoyed on its own, and also with Spain’s favorite fish, salt cod.
$11.50 BTL. / $138.00 CASE


2010 Domaine des Combiers Beaujolais Villages “Elégance”
It has been far too long since I’ve featured a wine from the region Beaujolais on my sampler!  This region produces some of the most delicious, quaffable wines in all of France.  Not to mention that there are very few wines in the world that are quite as flexible at the dinner table as that of Beaujolais.

If you have a preconceived notion that all wines from the region taste like one of those yucky Beaujolais Nouveau that you get suckered into buying around Thanksgiving time, please set that aside.

This month you are going to try a beautiful wine made by Laurent Savoye of Domaine des Combiers.  Savoye is the type of producer I love to represent, with only 9 hectares of vineyard holdings, this is a true family operation.

His Beaujolais Villages “Elegance” is produced from a few different hillside vineyards on the traditional granite soil of the area.  50 year-old vines, hand harvested, they are vinified in the traditional manner – no carbonic allowed!

This jumps out of the glass with bright brambly strawberry and mineral notes.  A light-bodied red that doesn’t skimp on intensity and sheer drinkability!  A very flexible food wine, and perfect for a Sunday night’s roasted chicken!
$12.00 BTL. / $144.00 CASE


2011 Bodegas Gouguenheim Torrontés
Argentina wasn’t the first wine country to plant Torrontés, they have just made it famous. By embracing it as their own, it is often the first white grape varietal thought about when talking about the wines of the country.

As with any grape varietal, there are always various styles based on how the producer chooses to grow it, where, and how they vinify it. I was really impressed with the new vintage of this Torrontés from Gouguenheim.

They are located in the Tupungato Valley, which is an hour drive away from Mendoza. This is a great climate for grapes to grow in, as it is a high desert plain, with 320 days of sunshine a year. Due to this fact, the vineyards are irrigated with water from the Andes Mountains.

With this Torrontés, Gouguenheim presents the expressive, fruit focused side of the varietal. It is cold fermented in steel, aged on its lees for a short period, and then bottled and shipped.

Very pretty aromatics of white flowers, citrus and fresh peach, lead into a vibrant, citrus focused palate. This is a delicious drink all by itself, and will also work with soft goat cheese or grilled shrimp.
$9.00 BTL. / $108.00

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