Friday Feature 10/25/13: The New 6 for $60 Something Sampler, Thanksgiving Edition.

Hello and Happy Friday!

Are you sitting down?

This Friday we introduce to you the “Turkey Day Edition” of the Six for $60-Something sampler.

Yeah, we said it – Thanksgiving. While neither of us have ever been accused of being ahead of the game and really organized, we realized that the last Friday of November (the normal release date of the Six or $60-Something) is the day after Thanksgiving.

And since we love our “Turkey Day Edition” of the sampler, the time is now.

So what does this all mean?

This month’s sampler is geared to be a check list of great wines that will work well with your Thanksgiving meal. Buy the sampler for that day and have a mini-tasting with family. Or stock up on some of these selections for the big party.

This is always a great sampler – and this year’s version may be the best ever!


There is one important change that has come to the 6 for $60-Something that is important to mention.

This is the most expensive sampler we have ever offered at $69 for the 6 bottles.

We usually try to cap the dollar amount at $65. This is becoming less and less realistic these days. We will never compromise quality here at Perman Wine Selections, and unfortunately good wines cost more than ever before. So going forward, expect to see more 6 for $60-Somethings in the $64-$69 price range. It is still an exceptional value, and something to which  we can be proud to attach the Perman Wine Selection name!

We hope you have a great weekend – and Go Ducks!


Craig & Sheb


6 for $60-Something Sampler
2010 Domaine Jean-Marc Burgaud Beaujolais-Villages ‘Les Vignes de Thulon’-Burgundy, France
In the next few weeks, you will no doubt be reading many “holiday tip sheets” on the interwebs where so-called experts will tell you to drink Beaujolais and Riesling with your Thanksgiving meal. This is the one time we agree with these people, but we are going to up the ante on the Beaujolais (and also the Riesling, see below) for you.
Jean-Marc Burgaud is located in Morgon, and a fine producer. He also owns parcels on Regnié and Beaujolais-Villages, which is a large swath of land underneath the 10 crus.
“Les Vignes de Thulon” are vines planted in the granitic hillsides of the Castle Thulon. As you may recall, 2010 was a banner year for Burgundy, and Beaujolais certainly was not spared the glory of this vintage.
The reason Gamay works so well with lean proteins (like turkey and game birds) is that it offers supple fruit and structure in the acid department, yet is very low in tannins. Tannins can accentuate dryness, in a circumstance where, let’s face it, dryness can be rampant.
So give your Mom a break! Don’t cause her turkey to be drier than it already is. Sweeten the pot (and your inheritance status) with this fine choice. And don’t forget to put a slight chill on it.
2011 Mencos Rioja-Spain
We are so excited to release the new vintage of one of our favorite and best selling Riojas!
There is a reason why we sell cases and cases of this each month: it is the best value, under $15 bottle of Rioja, on planet earth.
Mencos is the winery of Count Iñigo Manso de Zuñiga Ugartechea.  The main label of the estate is called Conde de Hervías, but his label Mencos offers incredible values from beautiful vineyards near his home in the town of Torremontalvo in Rioja Alta.
The grapes for Mencos come from a specific plot on the south side of the Ebro River.  The vine age is a healthy 35 years-old.  The soil is a mixture of chalk and clay over gravel.
What we love about this wine, and what makes it so incredibly versatile, is that it is fermented in stainless steel tank and bottled without any oak aging.  While Tempranillo is certainly a grape that does well with oak aging, this version, a clean, precise and juicy version of the varietal, is one that is rarely seen.
It really is a wonderful wine, and will be great at the dinner table with all of your Thanksgiving fare.  Don’t miss this spectacular value!
$13.00 BTL. / $156.00 CASE
2011 Quinta do Feital “Auratus” Alvarinho/Trajadura- Minho, Portugal
Get ready to get your Portuguese on!
This past May, Craig spent two weeks traveling to some of the top wine estates in Portugal.  This was his maiden voyage to Portugal, and he came back inspired and ready to introduce the wines to his customers.
This month, we have a very special deal on a wine from the Vinho Verde region of Northern Portugal.  There is a lot of misconceptions about the wine from this region.  Most know the light, spritzy, high-acid style of Vinho Verde made famous by producers like Aveleda.  Yet there is a lot of diversity in this region, because it is the biggest of the DOCs of Portugal, so big that it is subdivided into 9 different sub-regions, often named after a local river or town.
We are all slowly learning about the great wines that can be produced in the Vinho Verde region.  This wine from Quinta do Feital gives us a lesson in the Alvarinho and Trajadura grapes.  Alvarinho is called Albariño, just across the border in Spain.  Trajadura is called Treixadura and can be found in Spain, principally in the Ribeiro appellation.
While “Auratus” is meant to be a “light, fresh” style of Vinho Verde, its aromatics and texture show you what can be achieved with reduced yields in the vineyards, better ripening of the grapes, and the overall care that Marcial Dorado puts into his wines.
It made the cut in our Six for $60-Something “Turkey Edition” because we feel it has the texture necessary for a white wine to pair with the bird.  If this doesn’t make it to your table on Thanksgiving, it is a brilliant match with simply prepared shellfish as well.
$10.50 BTL. / $126.00 CASE
2012 Domaine de Regussé Pinot Noir- VDP Des Alpes de Hautes Provence, France
We are always on the hunt for inexpensive, yet delicious and clean Pinto Noir. However, the popularity of this variety continues to soar, and even mediocre versions fetch a pretty high price tag.
So, the trick is, look where people least expect Pinot Noir to be. No Monterey County, no Burgundy, no Sonoma Coast. Figure out that there are small pockets of cool, Pinot friendly vineyards, where perhaps the value of Pinot Noir remains deflated.
Enter the melodious sounding Vin de Pays zone of “Des Alpes de Hautes Provence”.
You can think of this simply as the mountains of upper Provence. Mountainous areas provide nice cool places where Pinot Noir, a grape that flourishes in cooler weather, will thrive.
This a simple, fruity, unencumbered kind of wine you can bring to anyone’s house and they will be happy to be your friend. And this is the kind of friendship that won’t cost you a fortune, as so many seem to do these days.
$11.50 BTL. / $138.00 CASE
2012 Selbach Riesling ‘Incline’- Mosel, Germany
The Germans certainly do not make it easy for us to buy Riesling; fifty syllable vineyard names, overly complex labeling and the eternal question “Is it dry or is it sweet?” are all factors that contribute to the purchasing of other, less difficult wines. Harried Thanksgiving shoppers certainly don’t want to be wrestling with terms like “Einzellage” and the debate of whether or not the terroir of the Mosel is more transparent at the Spätlese or Kabinett Prädikat level.
Seriously doesn’t everyone need to get a turkey cooking in the oven? Even we feel umlaut-ed out at this juncture.
So here is the famous Johannes Selbach and his “entry level” Riesling. Incline refers to the steeply terraced slopes from which the Riesling is harvested. Incline is a simple premise: fermented in stainless steel, left with a tiny bit of sweetness, and fresh and bracing as a winter flower.
This would be a nice one with which to start the holiday meal. At 11.5% ABV, Grandma won’t get drunk and go nuts (right away) and you can start with something alive & vibrant that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
$12.00 BTL. / $14.00 CASE
2010 Chateau Pesquié ‘Quintessence’- Ventoux, France
As you know, we are big fans of Chateau Pesquié, and everything they make. A few samplers ago, we featured their white ‘Terraces’ bottling. It was a huge hit. If you recall, this is a high quality producer working in the Ventoux appellation, in the Vaucluse department of the Rhône.
This is where we are going to go against the grain and suggest to you something, which on the surface, might seem a little too hefty, even perhaps a little too lusty for a family meal. This is a big boy, made from 80% Syrah & 20% Grenache.
Listen, there are some holidays when you need fortification, or perhaps you are cooking a turkey alternative protein, such as lamb, duck or beef, or perhaps maybe you’ve had it up to here and are looking for something strong dark and formidable.
Inquire about pricing.
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