Friday Feature 11/01/13: A Return to Bordeaux

Hello and Happy Friday!

It’s November! Hard to believe, but true.

What that means is that we are gearing up for the holiday season around here. In the coming weeks you will see newsletters devoted to Thanksgiving picks, my annual Champagne value of the year, and an email devoted to gift giving ideas.

For those of you who give the gift of wine, whether for personal or corporate purposes, please keep in mind that we love to help with this endeavor. We ship via UPS throughout the US – so for those with out of state friends or clients we can get it there.

If you are shipping wine, keep in mind this years crazy short shipping window between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is essentially only three shipping weeks between those holidays. So it is important to be ahead of the game this year!

We greatly value your business here at Perman Wine, and would be appreciative of any referrals during the holiday season.


On another note, this year we introduced our Routier tastings on Friday night. The idea was to offer a more informal style tasting, one where you could simply stop by after work or before heading out to dinner.

The tastings were never very successful from an attendance perspective. So we have decided to bid adieu to Routier, and want to thank the small but faithful group of Routier fans that would come.


Finally, this week’s Friday Feature is a call to arms for fans of Bordeaux or simply the great red wines of the world. Offers like this don’t come around very often, so we hope you read on, and make sure you snag some of this fantastic Margaux while it is around!

Have a great weekend!

Craig & Sheb


Friday Feature:

2010 Château Moulin de Tricot Margaux- Bordeaux, France.

Frequent shoppers of Perman Wine Selections may notice that while we genuflect reverently at the altar of French wine, we don’t often carry Bordeaux. The selection is sparse enough that you might think we are Bordeaux haters. We are not!

We are often, however, troubled by the investment, of both time and money, that goes into the category. It is a great intellectual and economic hardship, to be a Bordeaux collector. You become a sort of slave to the critics, and what other wine region forces you to buy the product two years before release, as is the case with futures? You need to be savvy about vintage, drinking windows and all sorts of other craziness that, let’s face it, can sap the joy out of a drinking experience.

Since 1982, Bordeaux has become more and more of a commercial pursuit, and less and less about soulful drinking pleasure. Not many of us are opening Lafite on a Wednesday night and pan frying up a New York Strip Steak. We save these wines for big life events: births, marriages, or deaths.

This is why we are thrilled to feature a Bordeaux this Friday, a Margaux from Chateau Moulin de Tricot. This tiny Chateau is located in the commune of Arsac and is a mere 5 hectares, 3.7 of them within Margaux and 1.2 within the broader appellation of the Haut-Medoc. The vines all sit upon the classic gravelly soils of the left bank and the plantings are 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Merlot. No pesticides or herbicides are used and methods are traditional within he context of a clean, modern winery.

Lastly, this tastes like Bordeaux should, not cloaked in heavy oak aging and Rolland-esque process. This property exhibits a lot of transparency and traceability, which these days is a rare thing in Bordeaux.

The 2010 is available to drink in its youth, but would also benefit from long-term aging. We have large formats available for pre-order. Those of you with babies born in 2010, like Craig’s son, Ellis, may want to explore these options.

Bordeaux bargains like this, especially from the commune of Margaux, are virtually extinct. This is a call to arms: come and get it, or forever hold your peace!

$52.99/ BTL (750ml)- $635.88 CASE of 12
$117.99/ BTL (Magnum)/$707.94 CASE of 6
$301.99/ BTL (3 Liter, Double Magnum)

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