Friday Feature 11/22/13: The New 6 for $120-Something Sampler

Hello and Happy Friday!

The smell of turkey is in the air (or it could be fried chicken) – and we are gearing up for Thanksgiving with a great selection of bottles that will work perfectly with your bird.

Please keep in mind that this upcoming week Perman Wine will be closed on Thanksgiving, November 28th. We will re-open with normal hours and a brand new Six for $60-Something on Friday, November 29th.

Also to keep in mind, because Thanksgiving is so late, there is a short period between it and Christmas. If you plan on shipping holiday gifts, there are only three full shipping weeks left.

We are excited to help you with all of your Holiday wine, spirits, and beer needs!


In other news, it is the second to last Friday of the month, and that is when we release our new edition of the Six for $120-Something.

If you are unfamiliar with this monthly sampler, let us explain. Craig and Sheb sacrifice their livers month in and month out, tasting new wine arrivals, searching for the best of the best.

Each month we put together a mixed six-pack featuring our six favorites, in that $15-$30 per bottle range. Together the sampler costs between $120-$129 for the six bottles.

This is a great way to learn about wine and expand your wine horizons.

This month’s sampler is really a stellar line-up, one of our best to date.

The wine is in stock, so pick up yours today!

Also, remember that nothing says Thank You or Happy Holidays like wine – and this six-pack would make a great gift!

Have a great weekend,

Craig & Sheb


6 for $120-Something

2007 Domaine Denis Bachelet Bourgogne Rouge-Burgundy, France

Bachelet is a tiny producer in Gevrey-Chambertain who has quietly been making wonderful Burgundy since 1981.

He owns a scant 5 hectares of land, including .43 hectares of Grand Cru Charmes, and 1.9 hectares of old vines Bourgogne Rouge planted in 1977.

What is Bourgogne Rouge? It is basic red Burgundy, but that is the simple answer. Often, it is made from the vines that grow on the flatter, more clay laden soils just outside the delimitations of a village and not necessarily very long-lived or even inspiring. But sometimes, a good Bourgogne Rouge can be a reflection of the quality and care a producer puts into the grapes that come from their more expensive zip codes, the Village, Premier Cru and Grand Cru bottlings.

We were able to try his 2010 Bourgogne Rouge this last February– it was stunning. And recently we discovered that the distributor for Bachelet was holding onto some 2007. We wondered if it could possibly still be in good shape? It took some coaxing, but we convinced the sales rep to get a bottle and we were stunned by what we found. Wafting out of our glasses was not something tired or the least bit worn down, but rather a most vibrant and ethereal essence of pure morello cherry coupled with Burgundian trademarks of earth, mushroom & mineral. We remained dubious. Certainly as oxygen hit, this seductive siren song would begin to fade? No, if anything, it became more glorious as the afternoon passed.

This is not the kind of thing that is going to hit you over the head with power and color, but rather offers 750ml worth of respite, a few divine hours of finesse and beauty, from your harried life.This is for drinking now. It is perfectly realized, and we only got 6 cases. There were 300 cases made total, and we doubt there is much left in this world. In fact, it may be that we are holding onto to the last of it anywhere.

$25.00/BTL.- $300.00/ CASE OF 12


2012 Do Ferreiro Albariño- Galicia, Spain

This past May, Craig spent two weeks in Portugal visiting wine producers. Spending time in the Northern part of Portugal, he couldn’t resist the urge to “hop” over the border and visit, for a third time, famed Albariño producer Gerardo Mendez of Do Ferreiro. Each visit at Do Ferreiro is a great learning experience, this time Craig got a chance to taste the different components and vineyards prior to blending. (This portion of the description was an attempt to prove to Craig’s wife that he is “working” on these trips.)

The reality is, visiting with Gerardo is not just a great learning experience but a chance to be inspired by all that is good about Galicia! The best seafood you could possibly imagine, accompanied by the greatest, nicest, and most humble producer of Albariño. Life doesn’t get much better.

You too can have this experience on your home turf by purchasing the incredibly delicious new vintage of Do Ferreiro. 2012 was a difficult vintage for the farmer. The season was very cool at the beginning with a late flowering and fruit set, and then hail destroyed about 50% of the crop. It took a lot of dedication in the vineyard, and then a lot of guts to let the fruit hang late into the season, in order for this wine to be produced.

The results are absolutely stunning. Fresh and vibrant, wonderfully balanced, with a good deal of concentration. This could also come from the fact that the fruit normally used for the “Cepas Vellas” (250 year-old pre-phylloxera vines) went into the “regular cuvée.”

If you love fresh, aromatic, mineral-driven white wines then this is a must. In fact it should be part of your regular rotation of wines at home!

So go source some of the freshest shellfish you can, buy a case of this, and you too will feel the magic!

A little secret to tell you – this wine can age magnificently. I have had 10 year old examples and they are wonderfully complex. Case purchases are a must because you will want to drink this at every stage of its evolution!

This is a true steal at this price! This vintage will sell out quickly this year due to crop loss and demand.

$24.00 BTL. / $288.00 CASE OF 12


2009 Domaine de Noiré Chinon “Elegance”- Loire Valley, France

Yeah, we’re guilty of it too!

We love ourselves some Cabernet Franc around these parts. Wines from Chinon, Bourgueil, Saumur-Champigny, and Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil are so good, such amazing values, that it is difficult for us not to buy the “fancy” cuvée for $30-$40 a bottle, age it in our cellars and drink it.

Bad Craig, bad Sheb – we shouldn’t limit ourselves to this, and need to drink more “everyday” Cabernet Franc.

So let’s all make the change today! We can start by drinking this ridiculously good value from Odile and Jean-Max Manceau of Domaine de Noiré!

Jean-Max is a very talented winemaker, well-regarded in Chinon, making wine at another estate as well as his own property that he and his wife purchased in 2001. This estate covers 14 hectares of vineyards, spread among three very different types of soils.

“Elegance” is just that, a wine made mainly from the gravely soil found on the ancient beaches of the Vienne river. The vines are 35-50 years-old, which give this wine a good bit of depth. Fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks with native yeasts. The wine is aged for only 8 months in used oak barrels.

When we were putting together our sampler this month, we wanted to include a Cabernet Franc. Craig had recalled how much he enjoyed the wines of Domaine de Noiré in the past. It turns out that wine that Craig liked a couple years ago was still sitting in the local distributors warehouse. Now Craig really likes it!

This wine is absolutely singing. The aromatics explode out of the glass with complex aromas of cherry, red cassis, mineral, lead pencil, sandalwood and pepper. True to its name, the palate is quite elegant, with fresh acidity, a good core of fruit in the mid-palate and a hint of tannins on the back end.

There are a lot of people that will tell you they want a big, fruity red with their steak, but I prefer a wine like this with a big bone-in rib-eye, as the freshness, spice and light spike of tannin at the end, are truly the perfect compliment.

A Chinon a day keeps the doctor away!

$17.00 BTL. / $204.00 CASE OF 12


2007 Ca’ La Bionda Valpolicella Superiore “Casalvegri” -Veneto, Italy

Those of you who have been reading our Friday newsletter know of our strong affinity for the Veneto. We love great Soave, and today we are pleased to feature a world class Valpolicella with a bit of age on it.

Typically we do not see too many aged Valpolicellas in the market. They are usually in the fresh, everyday-drinking, value category, with bright red fruit and bracing acidity. Ca’ La Bionda does things a little bit differently. All the fruit for this wine comes from a single vineyard called “Casalvegri”, which is situated on clay and limestone. This is a high-altitude, low-yielding vineyard that faces south-east. The wine is aged for 18 months in large casks, and then held in bottle for another 6 months prior to release. It is meant for the long haul.

So what can you expect from this wine? First, a complex nose, with lovely sour and ripe cherry fruit, and nuances of toasted hazelnut. Although it does exhibit Vapolicella’s hallmark acidity, there is great depth in the mid-palate, the fruit sweetens a bit and the minerality is quite present. The finish is persistent and long.

These special qualities take this Valpolicella into exciting territory when it comes to pairing. You of course can do fresh pasta dishes, but also meats with more complex sauces, vegetables and braises as well.

$26.00 BTL./ $156.00 CASE OF 6


2009 Acústic Celler Montsant- Catalonia, Spain

Sometimes I like taking my customers for a spin in the old time machine. You know crank that baby up to 1.21 GigaWatts and transport you to a happy place!

That is what I’m doing on this months 6 for $120-Something sampler.

Acústic is a name most of my regular customers know. My good friend Albert Jané is one of Catalunya and Spain’s most dynamic winemakers. He has an amazing palate, and has set out to use the great natural resources of old-vines in Montsant to make truly authentic wines.

Several wines are made at Acústic Celler, and it is always hard for me to believe that a wine of this quality is the entry point to the cellar. The Acústic red is a blend of Garnatxa (Grenache) and Samsó (Carignan) from 45-80 year old vines spread throughout the Montsant appellation. The grapes are grown organically, although Albert does not go through the hoax that is the certification process.

If you sample a lot of wines from this region, like I do, you will notice that Acústic separates itself from the majority by offering a wine that doesn’t show manipulation. The fruit is not overripe like most, but rather perfectly balanced. In the winery Albert has a magnificent touch with preserving the freshness and complexity of the fruit.

Now let me explain the time machine. Our local distributor “found” three cases of the 2009 vintage (getting ready to move into 2011 soon) in their warehouse. I’m not sure if they took the DeLorean to get them or not. Yet, knowing these wines, and how a little bottle age greatly benefits them, I’ve scooped them up.

This wine is drinking beautifully, and I’m thinking a nice grilled duck breast with a confit of the leg meat should be the perfect pairing!

$18.00/ BTL.


2012 Otella Lugana ” Le Creete”- Veneto, Italy

Listen, we could start talking about Turbiano, the clone of Trebbiano that makes this wine, and limestone, which composes the site upon which it’s grown, and low yields and a whole other bunch of nonsense, but your eyes are glazing over and really, who cares?

Perhaps Lugana is neither one of those wine zones that has a lot of cache attached to it, nor does it garner mega-scores from those kind of wine magazines that hand out scores. It is not burdened with any type of oak, and you probably won’t find it in some hipster natural wine bar in an outlying arrondissement in Paris.

However, we love this wine. It is richly textured and pleasurable. The fruit is pristine, ample, with nuances of dry peach, apple and pear. We urge you to give it a try. It is lost upon us why more people are not clamoring for it, but we know our savvy customers and we are not worried about it.

$19.00/BTL.-$228.00 CASE OF 12



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