Friday Feature 3/22/13 – Six for $120-Something

Hello and Happy Friday!

Hope you are enjoying this Spring like weather, which of course won’t last!

Some house news to start – Sheb is still drinking her way through France, doing the important R & D that this job requires!

With her gone, we have altered the store hours this upcoming week.

Please Note:

Perman Wine is CLOSED on Monday, March 24th

Perman Wine will CLOSE EARLY @ 5:30 PM on Thursday, March 27th as we have a special winemaker dinner at Fat Rice that eve.


In other news, it is that time again, the second to last Friday, when we introduce our latest Six for $120-Something sampler.

This month’s is an incredible array of deliciousness, that is not to be missed!

Keep in mind these wines are available by the bottle (although a couple are more limited), but who are you kidding, just do the whole sampler, you can drink it this month if you really try!

In all seriousness, the sampler is a great way to stock your monthly wine rack.  It also provides a great way to learn about wine.  Most importantly the wines are delicious!

So what are you waiting for, come on down today to pick yours up!


Craig & Sheb (from France)


6 for $120 – Something
2012 Rippon Gewürztraminer, Central Otago, New Zealand
When you taste a wine as outstanding as this – you lead the newsletter with it.

This is a must try for every single one of my white wine loving customers.  It is one of the best examples of Gewürztraminer that I’ve ever tried.

Nick Mills is one of the superstars of the New Zealand wine scene.  Most of you have seen his Pinot Noir’s proudly displayed on my shelves before.  Now its Gewürztraminer’s turn to to be featured.

Central Otago is a special place.  Rippon, located on the shores of Lake Wanaka, is one of its most distinctive terroirs.  All one needs to do is look at the pictures of the vineyards and their surrounding territory, and the impact of an incredible geological movement is right their to be gawked at.

I love this wine for two main reasons.

The first – its amazing poise and balance.  It is a rare occasion that one would ever call this varietal balanced.  Yet the combination of the maturity of the vines, the site, the vintage, and Nick’s great skill as a vigneron, have tamed the beast.

Secondly, I was able to taste this next to Rippon’s fantastic Riesling.  Both come from the same block on the estate, and you know what?  They both defined the vineyard that they come from, just in their own varietal form.

One of the great benefits of drinking wine is that it can take the drinker to the place it comes from, and tell its own, special story.

This wine does that in spades.

Don’t pair this with the typical cliché of spicy Asian foods.  Instead, put it up against the freshest fish you can find, simply adorned.

World-class wine.

$29.00/BTL.- $348.00/CASE OF 12


2011 Fattoria Poggerino Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy

It is always amazing to me that a wine appellation can be so popular and unpopular at the same time.

Chianti Classico is the perfect example.  There is virtually no Italian restaurant in the United States without one on its list.  Yet if you go into a dozen retail stores, the amount of selections have dwindled over the last decade.

From what I’ve been tasting from the region in the last 5 years, I believe that the wines of Chianti Classico have never been better.  So if you haven’t re-incorporating these wines into your drinking life, we are going to nudge you in their direction.

The 2011 Fattoria Poggerino Chianti Classico is a seriously impressive value.  This small producer is located nearby the village of Radda.  It is a historic property, as it was once part of a larger estate owned by Prince Ginori Conti, who descended from a very important and old Firenze family.

Today this 43-hectare property is run by brother and sister, Piero and Benedetta Lanza.  11 of these hectares are vines, all farmed organically by Piero, who is the enologist / winemaker.

The largest production, and a mere 40,000 bottles annually is this wine – the Chianti Classico, which is made entirely from Sangiovese and aged for one year in old small French oak.

I was really taken back by the freshness and the purity of the fruit when I tasted it.  Classic cherry notes, that are also joined by wild strawberry, herbs and anise notes.

Sure this goes with red-sauced pastas and pizza, but it is also a great match for elevated dishes, such as a rosemary crusted pork rib roast.

$25.00/BTL. – $300.00/CASE OF 12


2012 Clotilde Davenne Bourgogne Blanc, Burgundy, France

Recognize the name?

That’s because we love Clotilde!

From her fantastic sparkling Crémant de Bourgogne, to her beautiful delicate Irancy, and now her refreshing Bourgogne Blanc, we keep going out of our way to special order wine from this dynamic producer and her small estate.

This time I received 5 cases, and was told by its importer, no more, it’s sold out!

The Chardonnay for this wine is grown in the village of Prehy, which is technically part of the Chablis region, although it was delimited by the all-knowing appellation control dudes, and now is declassified as a Bourgogne Blanc.

In the end this is still Chardonnay from the pure Kimmeridgian soil, fossilized chalks soils, that give the wine its mineral zing.  The fermentation is in stainless steel tanks and the wine is left on its lees for several months for added complexity.

This, my friends, is a ridiculously good value for what in my mind (and not those appellation dudes) is a Chablis.  A beautiful, citrusy, mineral Chablis.

Clotilde has rocked it again!



2011 Iby Blaufränkisch, Burgenland, Austria

Let me tell you about the time I went to Horitschon.  Sounds like the start of a good children’s book right?

Except in this instance, I was on my first wine trip to Austria, with my dad in tow.  We were lost as usual, looking for the Iby winery, but instead only finding the local cattle, which definitely outnumber the town residents.

Finally, we found the winery, and the incredibly nice and passionate Anton M. Iby.  What followed was an incredible education in the varietal, Blaufränkisch.

There is no doubt that this is Austria’s great red varietal, and there is also no doubt that Anton M. is making some of the best examples in Austria.  Some of which are quite “pricy,” a wine from the Dürrau Vineyard will set you back $80 per bottle.

Luckily, this fantastic value introduces you to the varietal and to Iby for only $17!

The 2011 Blaufränksich “Classic” is in my mind the best vintage to date of this entry level wine.  It offers a glimpse into the “sheer deliciousness” that this grape can bring.

Bright red fruits, a mixture of sour cherries, raspberry and even a hint at blackberry.  Medium-bodied with nice freshness and a wisp of tannin.  Its a tasting menus dream wine, because it can really stretch against so many types of food from grilled fish, to poultry, pork, and mushrooms.

Come on down and get schooled in Blaufränkisch by Mr. Iby.

$17.00/ BTL.-$204.00/ CASE OF 12


2011 Domaine de la Rochelierre Fitou “Cuvée Privilège,” Languedoc, France

When was the last time you had a Fitou?

While I’m never going to go so far as having a Fitou “section” here at Perman Wine, we must let you know that there are some seriously good Rhône varietal blends coming out of this region.

Located in the Western Languedoc, along the Mediterranean coast, South of Narbonne – Fitou was actually the first appellation in the Languedoc, being granted status in 1948.  There are two very different parts to this appellation.  One lies 15 miles inland off the coast, and features mainly schist soil.  The other, and our focus today, is closer to the coast, just off the saltwater lagoons that characterize part of neighboring Corbières.  In this part, clay and limestone dominate the vineyards.

Domaine de la Rochelierre is a small property run by Jean-Marie Fabre and his wife.  The winery is located in the village of Fitou, and focuses on the traditonal local varieties.

“Cuvée Privilège” is a blend of 40% Carignan, 30% Grenache Noir, 20% Mourvèdre, and 10% Syrah.  It is aged for about a year in old barriques, up to 4 years in age.

This has a really nice balance between rich, ripe fruit, and plenty of that old world funk that I sometimes crave.  This is the quintessential roasted meat and potatoes wine, but don’t be afraid to jazz it up with lots of herbs like thyme, rosemary and sage which can really amp up the combination.

$22.00/BTL.-$264.00/ CASE OF 12


2011 Radicle Vine Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley, Washington

Craving a rich, full-bodied Cab but don’t want to drop the $50 per bottle tag like you normally wold with something from Napa?

Then you are in luck because Jerry Owen has your back.

Jerry Owen is a well-known Northwest wine personality.  He helps produce several wines from the Lady Hill Winery in St Paul, Oregon.

The Radicle Vine is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from some top vineyards in Washington’s Columbia Valley.

I was really impressed with the quality-to-price ration of this Cab.  It offers brambly red and dark berry fruit on the nose, with cocoa and spice tones lingering on the rich finish.

Simply put – this Cabernet isn’t going to change the world, but it is a great glass, offers nice complexity and is a really good weeknight option for bold Cabernet fans.

$16.00/BTL.-$192.00/ CASE OF 12

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