Friday Feature 3/7/14: The New Releases From Bartolo Mascarello.

Hello and Happy Friday!

Some Fridays we have a lot to say and write about. And some Fridays, the wines speak for themselves.
This is one of those Fridays. We are featuring the current releases from epic Barolo producer Bartolo Mascarello.
These wines will sell out very quickly, so act fast!
Have a great weekend,
Craig & Sheb



Does there exist a more legendary figure in the annals of wine than the late Bartolo Mascarello?


If you love Italian wine – probably not.


His steadfast devotion to the traditional winemaking methods handed down to him by his Father, and his refusal to adopt  a more international style in his production, certainly cemented his reputation as a polarizing figure in the region of Barolo.


But rather than get into the traditional vs. modern semantics, let’s just get to the point.


These are beautifully made wines, from top vineyard sites, created with love and soul, in the same ways they were byBartolo, his Father Giulio, and now his daughter, Maria Teresa.


The entire range are textbook examples of their respective grape.


From the rustic, yet still beautiful Dolcetto d’Alba that provides so much flexibility at the table that you can go start to finish with it.


To a delicious, complex, and age worthy Barbera, that offers a different textural element from the rest.


Finally to the King – Barolo, to be counted amongst some of the most age-worthy wines on the planet. So much has been written about this producer that rather than re-work what has already been written, we will refer you to this site:


Please note that all these wines come in severely limited quantities. If you score yourself some, you will be amongst the few.


Please keep in mind that those who purchase BartoloMascarello Barolo vintage to vintage, get the first call in the most hyped of vintages. We’ve never had a bottle of Barolo from Maria Teresa that was anything less than spectacular!




2012 B. Mascarello Dolcetto d’Alba 


$28.99 Btl. – Only 11 Bottles Available




2011 B. Macarello Barbera d’Alba 


$45.99 Btl. – Only 24 Bottles Available




2009 B. Mascarello Barolo


$112.99 Btl. – Only 16 Bottles Available

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