Friday Feature 5/17/13: What To Drink When You Are Sitting Around Pretending To Be French

Hello and Happy Friday!Craig is definitely enjoying running around Portugal with Abe & Adrienne of Fat Rice Restaurant and I am sure they are tasting a million great wines and getting inspired by the local dishes and products. As a result, Routier will be on strike tonight, but our two featured wines this week are so very French that you could pick up a bottle or 2 of each and have your very own personal Routier right at home.


Another reminder, we will be closed next Monday May 20th, as Craig continues his Portuguese sojourn.






Years ago, there was an ad on television that depicted a rather harried lady, several thoughts circling her head (muddy dogs running on a clean white carpet, a crying baby, an older child spilling milk and an ambivalent husband slinging a bag of golf clubs over his shoulder yelling that he’ll be back in eight hours). Clearly at her breaking point, she would  finally yell, “Calgon take me away!” and within minutes find herself in a foamy, luxurious bath tub far away from all her worldly hassles.


Times have changed. We need something stronger. We do. I imagine the French, with their je ne sais quoi attitudes, trim figures and chillax gesticulations never get to the point where they need to immerse themselves in a perfumed bubble bath. They are never reduced to yelling “Calgon, sortez-moi de là!” Why?  Because they are perpetually bathed in wine, lots of glorious, interesting wine, relaxing them and fortifying their souls. They sit outside when they drink this wine, surrounded by larkspur and hyacinths, or sup inside upon hearth roasted chicken and lamb, atop a hand-made pear wood table, a glorious wind cascading through the tiled entryway.


So, whether you have a small porch, or a yard teeming with a rhizomatous, noxious perennial called the Canada Thistle (thanks friends to the north!) or even just a wobbly Ikea table, here are two wonderful wines that will transport you to a better, more lavish, and very French place, if only for a little while.


Have a great weekend,

Craig & Sheb

Friday Feature 5/17/13:
What To Drink When You’re Sitting Around Pretending To Be French



2010 Domaine de l’Aujardière Fié Gris Loire Valley, France

This is an inspiring story. Eric Chevalier inherited this 61 acre domaine from his Father who operated strictly as a grower, selling all his grapes to a large negociant in the Touraine.


The domaine is located in the Pays Nantais, in the sub-region of Côtes de Grandlieu. While most of the vineyards are planted to Melon de Brougogne for Muscadet production, there is a 6 acre plot of 20 year old Sauvignon Gris, also known as Fié Gris and this is a white wine worth getting excited about. Fié is a mutation of Sauvignon Blanc, and has more color to its skin. It also presents, at least in the case of Eric Chevalier’s offering, a less grassy and aggressive alternative to the Sauvignon Blancs we are used to.


In tasting there was an expected citric component, but more orange rather than grapefruit, dominant minerality (It’s the Loire, of course!) and a tender herbal nuance, reminiscent of lamb’s lettuce or borage.

$24.95 BTL- 299.40 CASE OF 12





2010 Domaine du Joncier Lirac Rouge Southern Rhone Valley, France

The village of Lirac is found on the west bank of the Rhone River right across from the more famous village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. They share some of the same attributes: large stones (called galets roulés), alluvial soils, and a warm Mediterranean climate.


Lirac produces a softer, style of wine, however, although it utilizes some of the same varieties. In the case of the Joncier Rouge, the wine is composed of 30% Syrah, 30% Grenache, 20% Mourvedre and a little Cinsualt & Carignan. The domaine is  now run by Marine Roussel, having joined her Father in 1989. Her contributions to the land have been a transition to organic farming and Marine plans to take her commitment to sustainability one step further by converting the vineyards to a biodynamic status.



There is a supple beauty to this wine, a great feel in the palate, not to weighty, but enough to make one feel sated. It bears the simplicity of a wine that can be drunk from a small jelly jar, but really deserves a nice stem.

$23.95 BTL- $287.40 CASE OF 12

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