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Hello and Happy Friday!

Craig is currently on a flight back from his trip to France. He will regale us with stories of Muscadet and Grower Champagne when he returns to the shop tomorrow morning.  Meanwhile…
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It is the last Friday of the month at that means it is time for the Six for $60-Something sampler.  Only this time we are doing what has never been done before!

This months sampler features wines only from Spain!

We love them, you love them and there is no better way to learn about the wines of a country than to jump in head first!

In case you never have heard of our Six for $60-Something sampler, let us explain:

Six wines, hand-selected by us, that represent a range of styles – all hovering around the $10 price point. Each wine is available by the bottle or case, but as we often say, for maximum pleasure you should take the whole sampler.

The “6 for $60-Something” is highly recommended to those learning about wines, trying to stock their wine rack with affordable and tasty adult beverages, or wanting to bring a gift to someone hosting a party.

So how does this work? To order, simply e-mail me back and say “Hey Craig, hook me up.” To join the devoted legions of fans who receive them every month you can just say “and keep ’em coming!”

Some people are challenged by some of the wines that we put in to my sampler. If Sherry makes you blind, or Tempranillo from Utie-Requena gives you scary dreams, then we will substitute and try to get the sampler as close to $60 as possible.

A suggestion to those folks trying to learn from this as well as get a buzz – print out a copy of the newsletter to keep with your sampler. That way, when you are in the mood for a bottle, you have your own mini-wine lesson on hand.  So what are you waiting for?  Order yours today!

The “6 for $60-Something” is in stock and ready to be picked up any time!


Craig & Sheb


6 for $60-Something 

2012 Avinyó “Vi d’Agulla” Petillant, Penedès

Absolutely nothing says Spring and Summer like this wine, which I count as one of the most refreshing wines on Planet Earth!

Avinyó is one of the top purveyors of artisanal Cava, the sparkling wine of Spain.  From their home called Can Fontanals in the Alt Penedès region of Catalonia, the Esteve Nadal family not only focus on traditional Cava.  They also produce this fun wine, meant for Sunday lunches, picnics and virtually any outdoor activity.

Made from 80% Petit Grain Muscat and 20% Macabeu, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in tank which gives it that light spritz.

It jumps out of the glass with enticing aromas of melon, white peach and flowers.  Bright and super refreshing citrus notes on the palate are framed nicely by just the right amount of spritz.

If there ever was a wine for a picnic or pool party, this would be it!


$13.00 BTL. / $156.00 CASE


2012 Ostatu Rosado, Rioja

The story of Ostatu is an inspiring one.

Located in the village of Samaniego, in a mountainous and somewhat remote part of the sub-region of Alavesa, Historically, the wines made by the family were made in a fresh style for local consumption only.

A famous Bordeaux producer on holiday, who saw the estate, the exposition and knew immediately how great the site was, convinced the family that their vineyards could be capable producing world-class Rioja.

This is the second vintage of Rosado for the estate. The grapes used are older vines (60-70 years old) grown  at a relatively high altitude (600 meters above sea level). It is a blend of Tempranillo, Grenache & Viura.

Fresh, clean, and in possession of a beautiful salmon hue, we are excited to offer this as one of first Rosés of 2013.

We can guarantee you that it will be sold out by the time it gets really hot, so stock up now!

$13.00 BTL. / $156.00 CASE – ONLY 20 CASES AVAILABLE



2010 Ríos de Tinta Ribera del Duero

You didn’t think we would leave Tempranillo out of an all Spanish sampler did you?

Tempranillo is perhaps Spain’s most important grape.  It is grown in several different appellations where it takes on different characteristics.

Ribera del Duero has gained in notoriety over the last three decades.  Heck, Wine Enthusiast Magazine named it the region of the year in 2012.  The region would like to thank the academy, friends and family, and of course Baachus, the God of Wine.

On a more serious note, Ribera del Duero has proven itself to be an elite region for Tempranillo, with may of its finest examples priced well into the triple digits.  It wasn’t until the last few years, that we started to see more value wines coming from the appellation.

Ríos de Tinta is an excellent introduction to the region of Ribera del Duero.  It is produced by one of the region’s most esteemed winemakers, Isaac Fernandez.  He is sourcing younger vine fruit from three different vineyards.  The grapes are crushed and fermented in tank at a cool temperature to preserve aromatic freshness.

Overall this is an outstanding value, full of juicy dark and red berry notes, along with a hint of spice and good freshness on the finish.  An excellent wine to pair with grilled meats.


$10.00 BTL. / $120.00 CASE


La Cigarrera Manzanilla, Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Here’s the thing: if you have not gotten on board the Sherry train yet, it is high time you do. This is the first time we have ever offered a Sherry in our 6 for $60 something program, and we are convinced many of you will be new fans.

A quick sherry primer: Sherry is a fortified wine produced in the small region of Jerez de la Frontera in Southwestern Spain. Due to the specific wind patterns, humidity, and soils of the region, in some cases, once the wine has been fortified, a natural, biological ‘veil’ of yeast (called ‘flor’ forms on top of the wine and prevents oxidation. The flor also imparts an autolytic nuance of baking bread or a pastry shop. This rich flavor, coupled with the amandine raciness of the wine provides an unearthly drinking experience.

Manzanilla is the most delicate tasting of all flor affected sherries. It has a fragility and tenderness, reminiscent of butterflies and other balmy, late-summer fliers.

We already know that some of you are going to try and refuse buying this as part of the sampler.  You Sir or Madam are going to get a talking to.  Just like Peace, please give Sherry a chance.  What has it done to you?  You can’t like it till you try it!  Thanks – The Management


$11.00 BTL. (375 ML BOTTLE) / $132.00 CASE



2010 Espelt Garnacha, Empordà

At the border, where Spain meets France underneath Banyuls, is the wine region of Empordà. Wine production mirrors that of the French side: dry reds based upon Carignan and Grenache and heady, port-like dessert wines. So we are going to call this a ‘Franish’ wine, even though this month’s sampler is an all Spanish one.

More simply, this is an excellent rendition of old vines Grenache, clean winemaking, a hint of oak aging, and a pleasant, fruity silkiness. With a slight chill this is a patio crusher, but it is also capable of being a pairing buddy to a roast chicken or pork loin.

$11.00 BTL. / $132.00 CASE


2008 “Ardilla” Tempranillo, Utiel-Requena

The squirrel is back!  Everyone’s favorite fuzzy friend is apparently the local mascot of Romeral Vinicola, a medium-sized producer in the region of Utiel-Requena.

If you have never heard of Utiel-Requena that is because we very rarely see wines from this appellation in the United States.  Located in the province of Valencia, the region finds itself as a transition between the Mediterranean coast and the plateau of La Mancha.  It is very hot in the summer in Utiel-Requena, and often sees problems of frost in the winter.

Despite the hardships, some very nice table wine is made in the region, and this wine is a good example.  Made entirely of Tempranillo, machine harvested, fermented and rested in tank, it offers bright red berry aromas and flavors with hints at herbs and olive notes.  Its a pretty versatile wine for food, working with chicken dishes and grilled beef.


$7.00 BTL. / $42.00 SIX-PACK CASE  

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