Friday Feature 6/14/13: Txakolina Galore!

Hello and Happy Friday!


Txakoli (pronounced Chock-o-lee) is the word of the day here at Perman Wine Selections!


Our Friday Feature explores what is Spain’s most refreshing white – you know, that traditional slightly fizzy one from the Basque region.


I’m also very excited to announce that for the 5th year in a row, I’ve teamed up with my friends from Fat Rice to host our annual Txakoholika.  


For one night only, we are turning Fat Rice (2957 W. Diversey) into Chicago’s best Pintxos and Petiscos bar.  Your $55 ticket includes both the food and a glass of five different Txakolina.


Reserve your spot today, by clicking here!


Please note, this event sells out every year.  When you go to the Eventbrite sight, you will be able to choose what time slot you would like to come.  There are only 20 spots per half hour, with the length of the event clearly notated.


Keep in mind, this isn’t a traditional sit down meal, rather an informal gathering where everyone stands, snacks on small bites, and guzzles Txakoli.  It is always a great time!


Please let me know if you have any questions about the event whatsoever.




Speaking of tastings, we are back with another Routier this evening!  The theme is “Islands in the Stream.”  So come island hop and taste the following three wines, along with a little “snack” of cheese and almonds, all for only $25 per person.  Tonight we are tasting the following:


2011 Graci Etna Bianco, Sicily


2011 Yves Leccia Ile de Beauté, Corsica


2011 Nuraghe Crabioni Cannonau di Sardegna, Sardegna


Hope you have a great weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!



Craig & Sheb


Friday Feature 


Try it once and you will be hooked!  The Basque white wine (and rosé) Txakolina is one of the most refreshing wines on earth.  Low in alcohol, lightly spritzy, this wine is a staple in our households as it makes a delicious apéritif and seemingly pairs with almost any type of food!

Check out the following four Txakolina, three white and one rosé.  Mix up a case today – you will go through multiple bottles in an evening!



2012 Xarmant Txakoli, D.O. Arabako Txakolina


Arabako is the most recent of the Txakolina subzones, approved in 2003. There is one winery here, Arabako, which was formed when a group of growers decided to pool their resources and create one winery. They produce one wine annually, “Xarmant” which means charming in French but spelled in a Basque manner.

$13.99 BTL. / $167.88 CASE



2012 Gorrondona Txakoli, D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina


Gorrondona is located in Bakio, which was once a bustling epicenter for vineyards and it is the pet project of three Basque friends who rehabilitated 12 hectares of vineyards and an ancient winery. 2 ha of the vineyards are 100 contain 100 year old vines planted on pre-phylloxera rootstock. It is the richest of our Txakoli offerings.

$18.99 BTL. / $227.88 CASE



2012 Ameztoi Txakoli, D.O. Getariako Txakolina

In our humble opinions, this is the best of the best when it comes to the traditional style of Txakolina.  You will always find Ignacio Ameztoi’s Txakolina in the best Pintxos bars and restaurants of San Sebastian.  His white Txakolina is the kind of bracing, achingly dry, slightly spritzy stuff that made us fall in love with Txakolina in the first place.

$18.99 BTL. / $227.88 CASE



2012 Ameztoi “Rubentis” Txakoli “Rosé, D.O. Getariako Txakolina 


This is by far the most sought after, albeit non-traditional Txakoli, you can buy.  It has become such the rage that producers are trying to copy the style, although from everything I’ve tasted, unsuccessfully so.  “Rubentis” is a blend of the traditional white grape, 50% Hondaribi Zuri, blended with 50% of the traditional red grape, Hondarribi Beltza.  The Beltza vines are incredibly old, with some said to be around 150-years or older!


The reason why no one has been able to copy the style is twofold.  First and foremost, the Ameztoi vineyards are spectacularly set in a perfect area with the vines peaking at the Atlantic Ocean.  Second, Ignacio Ameztoi is truly a master of Txakoli production.  A seventh generation winemaker, there are no shortcuts taken in either the vineyards or winery, and the result in this case, is a spectacularly refreshing rosé filled with both strawberry notes and a lime-y citrus element.


There honestly is not another more refreshing wine that this!


Oh, and by the way, its tough to get these days, always selling out quickly – so don’t find yourself empty handed when it comes to buying some Rubentis today!


$18.99 BTL. / $227.88

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