Friday Feature 7/12/13: New Arrivals from Louis/Dressner. Occhipinti & De Moor

Hello and Happy Friday!


Please join us tonight for another edition of Routier in which we will be featuring wines made from grapes with thin skins!  Tonight’s selections are:


2010 Domaine L’Ecu Gros Pet (Folle Blanche)

2011 De Moor Bourgogne Aligoté

2008 Domaine de Mouscaillo Pinot Noir

As usual, $25 buys you a flight of three wines and a snack, anytime between 5 &8 pm. No reservations required. We’ll explain this thick skin/thin skin thing when you get here.




Now for today’s feature.


It is not often that we beg for wine, I mean really, there’s a lot in Chicago. However, when new arrivals from the incredible portfolio of Louis/Dressner come into the market, we turn into sniveling supplicants.


We do this for you. We beg.


Today, due to our week-long whining and pleading, we did receive some incredible treasures from two revolutionary estates: Alice & Olivier de Moor in Chablis, and Arianna Occhipinti in Sicily.


Have a great weekend,

Craig & Sheb


Friday Feature 


2 Great Producers from The Dressner Portfolio:

 De Moor in Chablis & Occhipinti in Sicily


Alice & Olivier de Moor


Alice & Olivier De Moor have been producing wine in Chablis since 1994, after having planted three sites in 1989, “Bel Air”, “Clardy” & Rousette”. Their farming style, organic since 2005, eschews the very industrial style most often employed in Chablis. Growing grapes here is no easy task: an extremely cool climate coupled with a lot of precipitation and unreliable weather presents unrelenting challenges to Chablisien winemakers.

The De Moors’ site is in Courgis, 7 miles southwest of the city of Chablis. Because of their fastidious work in the vineyards, and their minimal (often none) use of sulfur sets them apart from many traditional Chablis producers.

Over the years, they have become intimate with their 7.1 ha of vines and intrinsically understand the needs of each plot.

They have also become specialists in the production of Aligoté, a tart sibling to Chardonnay often regulated as the base wine for the Kir cocktail. However, in the hands of the De Moors, Aligoté, as well as Chardonnay becomes otherworldly.

The De Moors are often lumped into the “natural wine” category but claim they don’t know what this means. All we can tell you is that they are making incredible Chablis at great prices. Seriously, take a look- when is the last time you saw Chablis at this rate!


Grab now before the secret really gets out.



2011  De Moor Bourgogne Aligoté 


From a small plot in Chitry of 17 years old vines- mineral driven and fresh.



2011 De Moor Aligoté “Plantation 1902” 


From vines planted in 1902 (yeah, you heard that right) in St-Bris-le-Vineux. Dense and sumptuous.





2011 De Moor Chablis “Bel-Air & Clardy” 


Chablis from 2 of the three parcels in Courgis. Sublime.






2011 De Moor Chablis “Coteau de Rosette” 


200m higher in altitude, this is the vineyard the De Moors feel is their prized plot. This vineyard yields half the fruit of Bel-Air and Clardy, and the wine is therefore more dense.




2011 De Moor  à Chablis “Les Vendangeurs Masqués”


“The Hidden Harvest” Chardonnay from 2 separate parcels in Courgis. All processes are driven by gravity here- a really racy yet creamy wine.




Arianna Occhipinti

In Sicily, the dynamic Arianna started making wine in 2004, when she was about 22 years old. She began with one single hectare, and somehow in the last nine years has become an international darling, as well as a leading advocate for organic farming and the indigenous varieties of Vittorio the region in which she works in the southeast corner of Sicily.

Arianna now owns 10 hectares from which she makes four bottlings. You may have had wine from her negociant project called “TAMI”, which we stock from time to time when we can get it.

The Occhipinti wines fly out the door at an alarming rate; you snooze on these- you lose. There is just never enough for everyone who wants them.




2012 Occhipinti SP68 Bianco Terre Siciliane IGT 


Dry, floral and bursting with apricot and bergamot, Arianna blends Zibibbo (the local name for Muscat of Alexandria) and Albanello, an indigenous variety on the verge of distinction to produce this incredible white.





2012 Occhipinti SP68 Rosso Terre Siciliane IGT


A blend of Nero D’Avola & Frappatto, the two dominant varieties of Vittorio. Lush, plum-laden, spicy and a little briny.





2011 Occhipinti Frappatto Sicilia IGT 


Frappatto most likely descended from Sangiovese, but here on its island home, and in the hands of a very capable winemaker, it turns into a perfumed beauty, imbued with freshness and levity.

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