Friday Feature – August 21, 2009

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Today, I turn your attention toward a couple of great deals on fabulous Austrian wines.  Last week on my newsletter I told you about a great Austrian red from Paul Lehrner.

This Friday feature, I devote to a recently tasted white wine made from Grüner Veltliner, and an incredibly delicious Trockenbeerenauslese, or T.B.A. for short, from Sonnenmulde.

If you love the wines of Austria or are feeling adventurous, then you won’t want to miss these!  They are at all time low prices.  The wines will arrive in the store next Wednesday, August 26th.

As a reminder, I will be on vacation September 4th through September 13th. Perman Wine Selections will be open limited hours on the following days.

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Wimmer-Czerny is one of the top producers of the Wagram region of Austria.  They are located about 50 miles west of Vienna along the Danube River.  This winery is over 250 years old, and the current Czerny to make the wine is Hans, who has been doing so for around 20 years.

Hans impact on the Czerny legacy will be his push to become certified organic in 2003, and a few years after to be Demeter certified for biodynamic practices.

There really isn’t a lot of wine made at Wimmer-Czerny, a total of 15 hectares typically yields about 80,000 bottles.  With its vineyards filled with löss soil, it is no wonder that Hans does so well with grapes like Grüner Veltliner and Roter Veltliner (which I will have some coming soon enough!).

One of the top wines of the Wimmer-Czerny estate is this Grüner Veltliner from the “Weelfel” vineyard.  With its mixture of löss, sand, stone, and clay with sandstone, Weelfel has some old vines, hence the applied term “Alte Reben.”  This is fermented and aged in all stainless steel tank.

As I often say, Grüner Veltliner comes in all shapes and sizes. This example from “Weelfel” is on the richer, more full-bodied side, yet with that classic Wimmer-Czerny elegance. Notes of apple, white flowers, mineral and honey can be found on the nose.  On the palate there is hints at citrus fruits like lemon and grapefruit, along with white pepper, herbs, and a long, juicy finish.

Only around 4,000 bottles of this beautiful wine were made, and this is one that I would highly recommend to my customers.

To clear out some inventory the distributor has cut the cost way down to below wholesale, and this is a chance to try a special Grüner Veltliner at a great price.  I know I will be taking some home myself!  Remember, as with many excellent Grüner Veltliner, you can drink this now, but it will develop through 2014.  How do I know?  I had this bottle open in my fridge for three days and it still tasted as fresh on the last day as it did on the first.  That is usually a good sign!
$14.99 BTL. / $179.88 CASE – NORMALLY $22.99 BTL.


The Schreiner family estate is located in the Burgenland region of Austria.  Burgenland sits southeast of Vienna situated around Lake Neusiedl.  This lake is very critical to the grape growing climate of the region as it provides the humidity necessary for the grapes to develop Botrytis cinerea, also called noble rot.  It is a type of fungus that concentrates the sugar levels in a grape by removing the water.

Like Wimmer-Czerny this is a small family domaine with about 16 hectares of total land equally divided between white and red wines.  They farm the varied soils of their vineyards organically and produce quite a wide range of varietals.

Sämling is a synonym for Scheurebe, and this contains 100% of that varietal that is all affected by botrytis.  Austrian dessert wines have always offered tremendous value in comparison to the great dessert wines of Germany.  I know for a fact that you won’t find a T.B.A. of this quality level in Germany for anywhere near the price.

With an incredibly golden color, this coats the glass and produces explosive aromas of honey, mandarin orange, and really intriguing spice notes.  This shows incredibly fresh notes of pineapple, tangerine, honey, and tealeaf on the palate. The acidity keeps it fresh, even with its incredible sugar content.  This has 239.4 g/l of residual sugar.  That is very high!

Having a cheese course at the end of dinner?   Pull this wine out and watch your guests reaction. I guarantee the bottle will be emptied.

Seriously though, not enough people pay attention to the great dessert wines of the world often times because of their perceived expense. Now you don’t have an excuse!
$18.99 PER 375ML BTL. / NORMALLY $31.99 BTL.

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