Friday Feature- Black Pine Friday

Hello and Happy New Year!


2012 was a great year here at Perman Wine Selections.  


2013 brings exciting new changes!


I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of Shebnem Ince to the Perman Wine team.  For those of you who follow the restaurant business closely, Sheb has spent the last 6 years as the Wine Director and Sommelier of The Gage and Henri on Michigan Ave.  In 2011 she was recognized by Food & Wine Magazine as one of the nation’s top Sommeliers.


Sheb grew up in the wine business, and has not only tasted extensively, but traveled through many of the wine regions of the world.  She bring her wealth of experience to the store, including her extensive knowledge and passion for all things Burgundy.


Basically – she is awesome and I couldn’t be any more excited to have her join the team!


With the additional help from Sheb around the store, look for many new and positive changes.  More wine features, more tastings, and overall more wine coverage than one person can provide.


I’m also excited to announce that Perman Wine Selections will now be open 6 days a week, reopening on Monday.  You will now be able to shop at Perman Wine every day of the week except for Sunday.


Longtime and new Perman Wine fans please stop in this month to introduce yourself to the store, Sheb and myself.  During January we will almost always have a bottle of wine open, so stop in for a taste and come fill your wine rack with some exciting new wines!


Speaking of which, this week’s Friday Feature focus on two excellent new Pinot Noirs to the store.  These are exceptional values, so Pinot fans, don’t miss them!


Best wishes,



Black Pine Friday



2007 Halleck Vineyard Pinot Noir “Hillside Cuvée”

Halleck VIneyards is a small, family owned property located in Sebastopol, California in the heart of the Russian River Valley Appellation. Famous neighbors include the venerable estates of Littorai , Dehlinger, Merry Edwards and Lynmar.

Our natural propensity towards old world stinkers might have first caused us to overlook this Pinot Noir. but the wine needed some time, and frankly, what was overwrought and dense a few years ago has transformed into something more lacy and aerial, with savory elements of tea and sandalwood emerging as the champions in 2013.

It got us thinking of that fabulous Beijing Duck that can be had for a song at Sun Wa BBQ on North Broadway, here in Chicago, or for simple the times when food is not on the agenda, but perhaps instead copping a buzz on a winter’s afternoon.


This is normally almost double the price retail – so don’t miss it!

$25.99 BTL. / $311.88 CASE – ONLY 84 BOTTLES AVAILABLE



2009 Keller HM #15 Rheinhessen, Germany


In the confusing world of German wine labeling, it doesn’t get much “cookier” than the Rheinhessen. Except for the Rheingau. And maybe too, the Mosel. Weingut Keller, spearheaded by the young, charismatic Klaus Keller, is a highly regarded producer in the sub-region of Florsheim-Dalsheim and an ardent practitioner of biodynamic viticulture.


Approximately 4000 miles away from the Sonoma Coast, in a cooler place, plagues with less yoga and Zoloft, Weingut Keller’s HM #15 is a different animal all together. This is a blend of three grapes that are closely related to Pinot Noir: early ripener  Fruhburgunder, a fellow whose thicker skins and smaller berries can withstand the frigid German winters, Spatburgunder, born of Burgundian Pinot Noir plants, and Portugieser, a weirdo that spans throughout Europe, from Croatia down to Gaillac in Southwestern France.


Keller has been making The HM for 15 years now with vines purportedly brought over from Domaine Romanée-Conti. It definitely bears the Burgundian stamp of the ‘aromatically complex with a fragile palate’  but really, who wants to be clonked in the head so much anymore these days?

$23.99 BTL. / $287.88 CASE 


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