Friday Feature – St. George Spirits

Hello and Happy Friday!

I just returned late last night from an action-packed trip to Italy.  I’m back to regular store hours, and hope to see you soon!

As summertime gets into full swing, I traditionally see a rise in the sale of spirits.  Unlike wine, where you can easily find information about what you are drinking, the spirits business is a confusing mess, designed to sell based on packaging and marketing.

There is hope though – as a group of small artisan distillers have popped up around the United States, with one goal in mind – quality!

If you are a spirits lover and you don’t know about St. George Spirits, based in Alameda, California, then it is about time you became acquainted with them.

St. George Spirits is one of America’s top 5 artisan distillers.  From their exciting trio of Gin, to perhaps America’s finest representations of Single Malt Whiskey and Absinthe, the complexity of their distillates always amazes the taster.

On Wednesday, June 20th, I will co-host an event with St. George Spirits at the store.

I’ve changed the format of the tasting to an informal, pop-in type tasting.

Anytime between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm, stop in to taste through six spirits from the St. George line-up.  Robert Krass of St. George Spirits will also create a couple of cocktails to taste.

The tasting is $25 per person if you sign up online in the SPECIAL EVENTS section at

Tickets at the door will be $30 per person (if there are any left).

If you are a spirits fan, I can’t recommend this tasting enough!

Only 18 tickets are available, so what are you waiting for?

Today’s feature focuses on 4 of the spirits we will taste that night.  They are in stock and ready to be consumed this weekend!





St. George Terroir Gin
This is a personal favorite spirit of mine.

Distiller Lance Winters wanted to produce a gin that aromatically reminded him of hikes through the coastal forest of California’s Mt. Tam.  Reminiscent of its origin, or rather ‘terroir,’ the addition of Douglas fir, California bay laurel and California coastal sage gives this bright and citrusy gin a very unique earthy and woodsy nose.
$35.99 / BTL.

St. George Dry Rye Gin
This Gin lasts on your palate for seemingly ever!  Named after its base of pot-distilled rye, this complex and spice-driven gin is rounded out by a sweet maltiness like no other. Additionally, if you’re big fan of juniper, this gin is for you as its formulation called for twice the amount of berries as any of their other gins.
$35.99 / BTL.

St. George Single Malt Whiskey (Lot 11)
As I mentioned in the intro, this is an amazing American Single Malt!  This is their 11th bottling, as the first was bottle in 2000.  Made from two-row barley, aromatically this has great complexity from the process of both roasting and smoking the barley with different woods.  Lance Winters uses a variety of barrel types of various aging for blending.  This is for the Single Malt connoisseur.
$68.99 / BTL.

St. George Breaking & Entering Bourbon
This is what happens when St. George Spirits plunders their very favorite barrels from well-acclaimed bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. Composed of 80 different barrels that were blended in California, this bourbon has notes of maple, cinnamon and cherry cola.  This can be sipped, but it makes a great cocktail!
$42.99 / BTL.

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