Perman Wine Selections Friday Feature – 12/3/10

Hello and Happy Friday!

I love the holiday season for many reasons – most notably it gives everyone a good excuse to drink even more sparkling wine!

As usual, each year I announce both my Champagne value of the year, and follow it up with my Sparkling wine value of the year. Today is the day for the big Sparkling wine announcement!

I’m also pleased to promote what I think is one of the best gifts you can give a wine person without it being wine – that is the beautiful book “Napa Behind the Bottle.” Local Chicago photographer Bill Tucker produced what is surely one of the most beautifully detailed portrait books I have ever seen. It documents the winemakers and vineyard workers of Napa Valley in truly stunning photographs.

I’m not a huge fan of the term “coffee table” book, but this certainly would fall into that category. It is a piece of art, and so showing it off is clearly something everyone that owns a copy will want to do. This truly makes for a great present!

I hope you have a great weekend. If I could ask one favor to each of you out there in email-land – tomorrow is a big day for my beloved University’s football team, the Oregon Ducks. They could use all of your support! So say it with me – Go Ducks!




If I wanted to rename the Sparkling wine value of the year to the Loire Valley Sparkling wine of the year I certainly could. That is because each year that I search out the finest value in Sparkling wine, I seem to end my journey in the Garden of France, the Loire Valley.

This year’s final destination was the estate of Jo Landron, winemaker and owner extraordinaire of Domaine de la Louvetrie. In wine circles Jo is most well known for his fantastic line-up of Muscadet. But hold on to your flutes, because you are going to want to fill them up with this delicious Sparkler!

Vin Mousseux de Qualité is the “catch all” appellation for sparkling wine in this area, not something that you have ever probably caught yourself asking for in a restaurant or wine store. Yet, you will be amazed at what a great bargain this “humble” Vin Mousseaux is!

Now to the details. This sparkling wine is a blend of 80% Folle Blanche and 20% Pinot Noir. It is made in the Champagne method with secondary fermentation in bottle followed by aging on its lees for two years.

The result is a vibrant and delicious sparkling wine loaded with citrus and orchard fruit notes, hints at mineral and flowers, and a long, focused finish.

This is about as quaffable as it gets and you will want stock up on this while its still around! This is a great bottle to toast any occasion with!

$15.99 BTL. / $191.88 CASE



A perfect gift for the Napa wine lover!

Bill Tucker photographed the book “Napa Behind The Bottle” as a tribute to the wine industry of the Napa Valley and the pioneers that created it. It is a book of portraits about good friends that captures a vanishing place in time when the valley and the industry were born.

This book took 9 years to produce, and the amount of work and organization that it took to produce this is amazing. The result though is more than amazing, page after page of beautiful portraits with only the names of the people photographed next to the pictures. Words aren’t needed in the book because the pictures themselves provoke the words.

I own a copy of the book myself and keep it here at the store. If you would like to look at it before purchase you are welcome to come down and take a look.

For more information about the book please visit

I will be taking orders for the book via email, and will bring in those that are ordered. I can also arrange shipping if the gift is going out of state.


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