Perman Wine Selections Friday Feature – 7/16/10

Hello and Happy Friday!

I’m back in action here at Perman Wine Selections, and this week I tasted lots and lots of wine. Of course there was lots of good and lots of bad.

Yet since I’m a glass half–full kind of guy I like to focus on the positive and each week I bring you a Friday Feature that offers one or more of the true highlights.

This weeks Friday Feature is entitled “Everybody love Joe, ” which refers to Joe Dressner, an importer of some of the most delicious and eccentric wines of France. Two excellent values stood out in my tasting of some of the Dressner portfolio.

These are wines that are very unique from what you might normally drink, but that is why you should try them! As the world of wine becomes more homogenous, it is nice to offer wines that truly speak of their terroir!

Have a great weekend,


Brothers, Jean–Marie and Thierry Puzelet own the historic property of Clos Tue–Boeuf in the Touraine, the heart of the Loire Valley.

As prominent figures in the natural winemaking scene of France, they are somewhat controversial among the old–guard. It is difficult to define natural wine exactly, but you can expect some of the ideas practiced to include low levels of sulphur in the wine, no fining, organic and bio–dynamic viticulture, and an overall principle of minimal interference in the winemaking.

There is always a level of authenticity in the Clos Tue–Boeuf wines, and their Gamay “La Butte” is no exception. This is pure Gamay Noir from the estate’s vineyards.

Very pretty aromatics combining raspberry, cranberry, herbs, and mineral. On the palate this offers a really high–toned refreshing red berry and sour apple quality. A wine that can be slightly chilled an enjoyed with a really wine range of foods. People are always coming to see me for pairings with spicy Thai foods and I think this is an excellent candidate because of the acidity levels and bright fruit.

A truly unique wine that also happens to be an excellent value.
$15.99 BTL. / $191.88 CASE


This very limited production white wine comes from a producer that is one of the most well–revered and sought after of the Chinon appellation of the central Loire.

Chinon is deservedly famous for its production of the red grape varietal Cabernet Franc, yet there is some Chenin Blanc planted in various plots. Bernard Baudry recently planted Chenin Blanc in a vineyard with clay–limestone soil. In just a few vintages this has become a real reference point for the obscure Chinon Blanc.

So what should you expect from this wine? A very unique and intense stony, mineral nose really leaps out of the glass. You will also find lots of floral and lime zest notes on both the nose and the palate. This has surprising richness for young vine fruit, and really coats the palate with intense fruit. It will be interesting to see this with a couple years of bottle age on it, although I think it is really singing now.

A great foil for anything seafood especially if you are doing an outdoor clambake or grilling some oysters.

This is in very limited supply so hurry and grab some to try today!

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