The Wine Wire – February 15th, 2012

Hey fans of the Jura – not to tease you but…

  • 2010 Houillon/Overnoy Arbois Pupillin (Chardonnay) – The single most allocated wine that I receive each year is that of Pierre Overnoy’s estate in the Jura.  There is never enough to go around, but after going out to a couple of regulars I have these two selections left.  Want to try a prime example of the fresh style of Chardonnay from the legend?  It is $48.99 and I only have one bottle left.
  • 2005 Houillon/Overnoy Arbois Pupillin (Savagnin) – A truly intoxicating wine!  Savagnin aged for years in wooden barrels, with slow evaporation, a layer of yest forms giving it unique aromas and flavors.  Sous voile is the name for this style of wine, and the terroir of Jura combined with this process makes it such a unique and complex white wine.  Yes, I only have one bottle of this left too – sorry! It is $54.99.
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