The Wine Wire – Grappa


For a long time Perman Wine followers have been asking when they can buy a bottle of Grappa.  “Patience grasshopper” I would say, there isn’t too many good ones in the market.  Luckily for us, one of the best producers of Italy can now be had, and it is on the shelves at Perman Wine Selections right now!

I’ve had the immense pleasure of visiting Distillerie Berta in the Piemonte region of Northwest Italy.  There of course are many arguments over who is the best Grappa distillery in this region, but you can throw me in the Berta camp!

“Elisi” is a new grappa to our market, a blend Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon aged in Allier oak for one year.

This is a fantastic Grappa, and if you want to taste it first, I have a bottle open.  Although I may drain it quickly given its proximity to my desk!


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