The Wine Wire: Join The Club, Yo’!

If you are in the mood for a great bottle of Champagne, why not try a “Special Club” bottling? Never heard of it? Here is a great explanation from the Guild of Sommeliers website:

The “Special Club” concept originated in 1971, with a dozen grower-producers.  Lacking the marketing budgets of larger houses, these producers banded together to promote their prestige cuvées through identical packaging.  Today, the Club Trésors comprises over two-dozen RM producers as members.  The Special Club bottlings are estate-bottled, vintage-dated wines that represent the pinnacle of each individual grower’s style and production.  Special Club bottles and labels share identical design. 

More info about the club can be found here.



We always carry a variety of Special Club selections . They usually can be had for under $100.


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