Why Shop Here?

Why Buy From Perman Wine Selections?

My Wine Selections are the Best of the Best
I sell only what I believe in! I’ve been selling wine for 13 years. I’ve tasted thousands of wines. I know good wine from the poor and mediocre. I’ve weeded those out and focused on only bringing you the best wines from their respective regions. I want to share the top wines of the world with my customers.

My Time is Yours

I am at the store every hour that it is open. I am your personal wine shopper, here to help you drink better than you ever have. You also may receive my personal recommendations from weekly e-letters. Hundreds of shoppers already do.

My Prices are Competitive
My business sells wine “backward”: Through my e-letters, I tell you what wines I’m excited about, but I don’t stock the wine or buy it until you order it. That way, I don’t have large stacks of wine that I need to sell. I will find you the right wine for your palate. Because I am not saddled by costly inventory or wine that doesn’t move, I can run at a lower margin. I look at wine prices around Chicago, in Illinois and the rest of the country and I note that my prices are competitive with even the bigger wine & liquor stores.

My Store is Welcoming

Perman Wine Selections can boast that it is the most unique and attractive wine store in the city. The space is clean, compact and easy to shop in. I carry around 100 wines, beers and spirits, all at various levels of price. I have a small and very nicely appointed space for educational tastings and seminars. Come on in and visit!

Want the best, no-nonsense wine selection in the city of Chicago?
Shop Perman Wine Selections!