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Choosing wines to bring to dinner is often a daunting task. Especially if you're going to a nice dinner with a tasting menu and you're not really sure what to expect? It's no secret that Perman Wine Selections has close ties to the Chicago restaurant community. Craig has years of experience in restaurants, including two of Chicago's top spots Alinea and Blackbird. The PWS staff is extremely well-versed in many of the city's most popular dining destinations. 

For years, we have been the go-to spot for selecting the best BYO bottles for El Ideas. Chef Philip Foss and his team keep us up-to-date on menu changes and we are always excited to help find wines for you to enjoy with his culinary creations. 

We have taken the time to select some of our top wine picks for the current El Ideas menu.

Below you will find a good range of sparkling, white, red and even dessert wines to choose from.  We even recommend sake.

We recommend bringing a bottle of wine per person. If you are a party of two, a sparkling or white alongside a red wine would be appropriate. If your party is larger, you have the opportunity to have more diversity in your selections. In our books, the first rule of pairing is to bring something you will truly enjoy. While the menu at El Ideas leans towards sparkling and white wine, full-bodied red wine lovers can still find a place for their favorite in the heart of the savory courses.  

Stop by the store on your way to dinner, call us for assistance, ask about delivery options or select from the bottles we suggest below and purchase online. We also have a great selection of craft beers and spirits for those non wine drinkers.  

Once you have selected bottles we can have them ready for in-store pick up or we can have them delivered to the restaurant along with your reservation details. 

For delivery of larger orders (over 9 bottles) please call Perman Wine Selections directly.

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