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Willamette Valley


To quote their website “All of our vineyards are grown with utmost respect for the environment and with the thought in mind that these vines will continue to nourish our children and their children and their children for many generations to come. To that end we do not spray any nasty petrochemicals on our vines nor do we support the world vision of Monsanto. Instead, we prefer a world with goats, chickens, geese, honey bees and healthy kids… and we have all of these and more at Cameron Winery.”   This is a philosophy that we can stand behind!  

More About Cameron Winery

His wines are for you if:

  • Cool-climate Pinot Noir is your thing, whether that be from Burgundy, Oregon, or other magical locations around the world.
  • Light color doesn’t bother you.  These wines aren’t about color extraction, but rather aromatics and elegance.
  • You yearn for the days of lower alcohol, realizing that a truly balanced wine often times doesn’t come in a 15% package.  The wines are usually at or just below 13%.
  • You have patience.  Let’s just say none of these wines taste bad today – I mean, we have popped open each one and enjoyed them immensely.  But given due time, those who cellar will be greatly rewarded with incredible aromatics and great complexity of flavors.

In the new world, style is an important word to talk about, because while most producers in Oregon talk about the concept of terroir, their methods can erase their original intention.
Pinot Noir fans – please do yourself a favor and try these, you won’t be disappointed!


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