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Darei is a tiny village within Mangualde, where Carlos Ruivo and his family, the proprietors of Casa de Darei, live and work the vines. Mangualde is part of the Dão region of Northern Central Portugal, and Casa de Darei is quietly making some of the best wines of the region.

What makes the Dão such a fantastic region is two fold. The first part has to do with its geography and climate. Protected by mountains, its lack of influence from the sea makes it a warm region, particularly in the day and late afternoon. Its elevation gives it a huge diurnal temperature shift, bringing cool air in the night, and allowing it to have that rare combination of richness and freshness. Secondly, what makes the Dão region so fantastic, is its largely granite-based soil, which brings a mineral inflection to all of the wines of Casa de Darei.

The very first wine of Casa de Darei was produced in 1999 and since that time they have increased their vineyard size by six hectares from the original single hectare they started with. Since the beginning, they continue to plant with only Portuguese grape varieties typical of the Dão which include: Touring Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Jaen, Alfrocheiro, Encruzado, Malvasia, Bical, Cercial, Verdelho, and Arinto. And all of these vines are grown using organic farming.

The wines of Darei are the pure expression of the Dão terroir that the family wanted to showcase in an authentic and true way. They did not want their wines to follow trends or conform to certain styles.

The Ruivo family’s goal of authentic, handmade wine is realized in the five different wines they produce.


From Casa de Darei

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