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Over the several years, I've spent weeks traveling through Portugal, visiting wineries, all with the goal of discovering what the "real" Portuguese wine scene is all about.

Portugal boasts an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great wine terroir as well as unique, indigenous varietals.  

For a long time what the wine world saw, drank and knew from Portugal were the high volume "brands" of the country. This is no different than an other emerging wine country.

The "real" Portugal that I was hoping to find, shared the same values as the producers that we work with from France, Italy, Spain, the United States and beyond.  I was looking for people in love with wine, not in love with business. I was looking for people that believe in quality over quantity. I was looking for real stories, and wine can tell a story like no other adult beverage.

I found this and way more when I first visited with Marta Soares of Casal Figueira. Her late husband António, for years, was making wine in relative obscurity from vineyards in the hills of Montejunto, an area that is part of the Lisboa appellation, just a short drive north of Lisbon.

He worked with the local white grape variety Vital, and as the only producer making a wine from 100% Vital, this was important work. After his passing, his wife Marta Soares has carried on the dedicated work started by António.  

When I visited with Marta not only did we taste at the winery, visit the cellar, have lunch at a local restaurant but more importantly we went to visit those magical Vital vines. We met the farmers, we visited the local villages, we lived what this wine is all about.


From Casal Figueira

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