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I was introduced to Athénaïs Béru through a mutual friend. Her family has owned the beautiful Château and property in the village of Béru for 400 years. Pre-phylloxera, the vineyards were the entire revenue source for the Château. It wasn’t until 1987 that Athénaïs’s father, Éric took on the huge project of revitalizing the vineyards on the estate.    Athénaïs took over the project in 2004, and has transformed this estate into one of the benchmark producers of the region of Chablis. This wasn’t easy, and I have been a witness to how incredibly hard Athénaïs works to produce wines with “energy.”   If there is one word I associate with Athénaïs and her wines, it is energy. She uses the term all the time, and it made me think about what it really means. There are plenty of well made, easy to drink wines in this world. Yet when you taste a wine that has a little something extra, a wine that stops you in your tracks to think, you have tasted a wine with energy.   The Château de Béru wines have energy in spades.    Every once in a while I tell my customers about wines they MUST try. This is one of those instances. These are truly special wines. Must-buys for the Chablis enthusiast.   After all, who doesn’t want more energy?


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