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There are few more historic regions in all of France than Champagne. Despite its long history, the last two decades have brought an incredible amount of change. 

The backbone of the Champagne region has always been its thousands of family growers. Historically the majority of these growers sold their fruit to larger Champagne houses, called négociants. 

One of the most significant changes over the last 20 years has been the emergence of grower Champagne houses, those that don't sell their fruit, instead producing their own Champagne from these grapes. 

There are a lot of benefits to the grower Champagne movement. The first and most significant is that there has been an increased focus on organic and sustainable viticulture.

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The second most significant benefit is that we as the consumer now have a better concept of the "terroir" of Champagne. We know what a Pinot Noir based Champagne from the village of Cumières taste like. We can compare different expressions of Chardonnay Côte des Blancs. And even underdog regions like Montgeux and the Aube are getting their deserved share of praise.

Which leads me to the brilliant Champagne of Roland Piollot of Champagne Piollot.

Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to taste with Roland and visit his winery located in Polisot, a beautiful and idyllic village in the Aube region of Southern Champagne.

Roland is a 5th generation grower, and for years his family had sold much of their fruit to négociants. Shortly after Roland joined the family business after his studies, they stopped selling their fruit, and instead became a grower Champagne house. 

There are many reasons why these wines are special, but I wanted to highlight some of the most important.

  • Terroir. We have true expressions of terroir in these single vineyard Champagnes.
  • Organic viticulture. There are no chemical products or fertilizers used in the vineyards. Piollot has gone through the exhaustive process of certify the vineyards as organic, and also applies Biodynamic principles to his work.
  • Massal Selection. All of the vines are Massal Selection, no clones. Roland's father, Robert, was the leader in the region for Massal Selection, having started a grafting business in the 1950's. This genetic diversity in the vineyard is widely thought of as producing grapes with more complexity.
  • Old Vines. More than half of the vineyards are over 40 years-old. 
  • Passion. You can't underestimate the passion that Roland has for growing grapes and producing Champagne true to its roots. You can really feel the energy in these wines.

Needless to say we are very excited to introduce these to you. Not only are they great Champagnes, they are exceptional values given the work that goes into them.


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