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Rhône Valley


Rabasse-Charavin is another estate we hold dear to our hearts and always get excited when our yearly shipment arrives. It is a fantastic, small estate located in the appellation of Cairanne. Corinne Couturier and her daughter, Laure are the fourth and fifth generation to make wine at Rabasse-Charavin.  Their wines have a great reputation in France, classically structured, and traditionally styled.

The word traditional is so often over used in our business, and its meaning has become so skewed, it almost seems wrong to call something so.  So, we will replace the word traditional, and instead proclaim the wines of Rabasse-Charavin as classic, in all the right ways!   The appellation of Cairanne, where Corinne and Laure produce their wine, is a treasure trove of incredible producers.  I know Southern Rhône enthusiasts seek out wines from places like Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas and Vacqueryas, as they are storied and reputed names.  The wines of Rabasse-Charavin and some of the other producers of Cairanne make wines on the same level as those other appellations.  The only difference is, you generally pay less for this quality.   Though based in Cairanne, Corinne and Laure make an incredibly wide range of wines from various appellations and villages in the Southern Rhône.  One additional bonus of working with them, aside from the great quality, is that they often re-release older wines.


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