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Having traveled to Portugal annually for several years now, we can unequivocally say, with some authority, that the wines of Bágeiras are on the short list of the best of Portugal.

Bairrada is easily the most impressive region in all of Portugal for the diversity of the wine it can produce. Mário Sérgio Alves Nuno owns over 24 hectares of vineyards spread among some of the best sites in the region.

The winery started in 1990, and the principles of the winery are to produce wines in the old, classic style of the region. 60% of the production of Bágeiras is sparkling wine, or espumante, as it is known locally. He also produces excellent white wines made with the classic grapes of the region, Maria Gomes, Bical and Cerceal. His reds are produced primarily with the classic variety, Baga, along with Touriga Nacional.

The region’s proximity to the Atlantic gives those grapes the climate they need to produce wines of exceptional structure and acidity.  It is that backbone that makes the white wines taste good young, but also give them the ability to have a positive evolution in bottle for a decade or two.

Within Portugal, he is well thought of as one of the greatest producers of the country and with our extensive research, we couldn't agree more!


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