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The region of Bairrada is one of Portugal’s greatest regions.  Its proximity to the ocean, roughly 20 kilometers away, brings freshness to the grapes.  This Atlantic influence is the perfect match for both white and red grapes, and here in Bairrada you find excellent sparkling wines, white wines, and red wines.   Tiago is a relative newcomer to the wine scene in Portugal, with his first vintage being in 2012.  He is a passionate and dedicated wine person, whose vision of fresh, naturally made wines that express their terroir shines brightly in his wines.

Craig first met Tiago at a wine tasting on the waterfront in Lisbon.  It was a warm summer day, and Tiago appropriately had his wines chilled to a cooler temperature.  Upon tasting both of Tiago’s red wines, Craig immediately felt a connection to them, and more importantly realized that they were the perfect wines to bring in for dinner at Fat Rice, a Chicago restaurant that Craig helps with the wine list.  The food of Fat Rice calls out for largely sparkling, white and rosé.  Reds can work, but with spice levels that can climb, the red wine needs to be lower in alcohol, with a good degree of freshness.  Tiago’s reds were the perfect answer.

Tiago Teles, the person, and the wines represent something different in the world of Portuguese wines. He is a passionate wine lover and had previously spent some years as a wine critic.  He realized along his journey, that he wanted to produce wine.  Just like a Chef tells a tale of food through his/her palate, the wine would be in a style that he would want to reach for on a daily basis, drinking alongside good food and in the company of family or friends.   What makes Tiago different is that instead of being from a place, growing up there, and dedicating himself to something that was typical of that place, he had an idea of what his wines would taste like and searched for that place and opportunity to make it.   Bairrada was the chosen region, its Atlantic influence and range of grape varietals lent itself perfectly in his quest.  Fortunately for Tiago, he was able to access great fruit, and then have the ability to make the wine in a state of the art wine winery.   His philosophy in the cellar is something we here at Perman Wine greatly believe in.  Explained here by Tiago:   “In the Cellar we opted for techniques and materials that do not distort the wine, vinifications respecting the grape, conducted with indigenous yeasts, no enzymes, acidification, filtering or clarification. We accept the differences, keeping the curiosity and mind open to new methods. We try to be meticulous in the different actions. We do co-fermentation of the blends up to 6000 liters, with gentle mechanical steps, without pumping, aiming for greater harmony and cohesion of the blend. The wine rests for at least 6 months in used oak barrels.”


From Tiago Teles

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