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BLANKbottle "Familiemoord" Red '18

Western Cape

BLANKbottle "Familiemoord" Red '18

Pieter Wasler does not confine himself to boundaries. When he first started making wines, he would create different wines year to year, and would design the labels with a minimalistic style. He has helped break perceived boundaries that can potentially sway someone to purchase, or not purchase something, based on its label and varietal listed. With an open mind and adventurous heart, as he says, you're bound to enjoy BLANKbottle wines! We love the notion of not judging a book by its cover. It allows a potential adventure to unfold between yourself and unknown territory - and what fun that can be!

Since Pieter began, and while he still makes plenty of one-off bottlings, he's grown attached to certain vineyards over time. He now has a solid repertoire of bottlings that he produces each year, like "Familiemoord." The first vintage was in 2013 - it sold out in 4 days. The 2013 was straight Swartland Grenache, made from grapes that grow near Darling on the West coast of South Africa. Super elegant, lean, light in color but extracted with super grippy tannins. The blend now is primarily Grenache (Wellington), with a touch of Pinot Noir (Elgin) and Cinsault (Darling), showcasing the terroir of the Western Cape in South Africa.

The story of the inspiration of the wine's name is worth mentioning. One day, Pieter decided to dig up white sand for a sandpit for his kids to play in. To get to the white sand, he had to dig down through dirt and grass to get to it. When he got to the sand, one of his sons decided to jump in and play in the pit, and soon Pieter joined. As they were finishing playing, Pieter went to cover the pit back up, where passerby's saw a man with a kid, who's head was sticking out of the sand, and the next thing you know, the ground is re-buried. Police came to search for a supposed buried boy, and when Pieter walked over to the "crime scene" and asked some questions, he realized he was the suspect! After explaining his situation, the police packed up, and here we have the myth of the family murderer! The label has prints of the newspaper article, which reveals this ridiculous story.

While this is quite the comical story, the wine is no joke! Fans of Rhône varietal wines will love it!


South Africa


Producer BLANKbottle
Vintage 2018
Format 750ml


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