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Buil & Giné "17 XI" Montsant Tinto '17


Buil & Giné "17 XI" Montsant Tinto '17

In 1998, Xavi Buil formed the somewhat eponymous winery (his mother’s maiden name being Giné), Buil & Giné. Xavi and his father, Joan Giné, were raised in the vineyards, initially as a farming family, not as winemakers.  But as growth and popularity in winemaking began to occur in Priorat, Xavi saw the opportunity to jump on board and utilize the land that has been in his family, in the best way possible.

Most soils in this part of Catalonia are too defunct to grow much, with exception to the vine that roots down deep to find nutrients, well below the initial layers of the earth.  Xavi wanted to produce wines with the structure of a classic wine of the region, that could also be approachable and affordable. 

The winery is located in Priorat, more specifically Grattallops which is the core of the region. Xavi has expanded with plantings in the surrounding regions of Montsant, Toro and Rueda, as well.  Since 2014, the winery has shifted to organic farming and practices, a belief that started with Xavi's father, Joan.  

The "17 XI" bottling (which represents the date of St. Gregory's Day and marks the end of harvest) is a blend of 40% Garnacha, 40% Cariñena, and 20% Tempranillo from Montsant.  Vines up to 45 years old are found here, adding to such delightful richness.  The wine is fermented and then aged in American oak cask, 3-5 months total.

The bouquet is ripe with red and black fruits, savory tones, baking spice with both mineral and floral nuances.  Totally encompassing that classic Mediterranean profile of garrigue.  This is best enjoyed with dishes that incorporate lean, white meats, salads, goat cheese and wild mushrooms.    




Producer Buil & Giné
Vintage 2017
Format 750ml


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