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Cantina della Volta Lambrusco di Modena Brut '11


Cantina della Volta Lambrusco di Modena Brut '11

Modena, along with it's neighboring villages Parma, and Reggio Emilia, is better known for it's culinary specialties than wine. (Balsamic for Modena, Prosciutto and Parmigiano Reggiano for the others respectively.) As the worldwide demand for these delicacies has grown steadily over the last century, the quality of regional wines has suffered.

Enter Christian Bellei, who joined his father in running the family winery which dates from 1920. As he neared his 40th birthday, Christian was asked by his friends to start a new project focusing on producing wines in the Champagne method, thus was born Cantina della Volta.

By updating the old family winery, and meticulously studying winemaking practices in Champagne, Christian has brought Lambrusco into the 21st Century.

The idea of dry, sparkling, red wine might seem a little esoteric (or harken to the candied commercial brands of the 70's and 80's for some), but once you've tried the wines with food, there's little room for argument. With it's crunchy acid, fresh fruit, and savory, yeasty flavors, this might be the single best choice to accompany all of the different elements on the holiday table.




Producer Cantina della Volta
Vintage 2011
Format 750ml


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