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Cassini Saint-Émilion '16


Cassini Saint-Émilion '16

In a region known for highly interventional wines, and understandably so as this is how wines have produced here for years, Arnauld Cassini has decided to break away from traditional Bordeaux winemaking. His unconventional methods can be found at his winery on the right bank of Bordeaux in Saint-Émilion. For starters, he doesn't use any oak. He believes in truly letting the terroir speak for itself. And we can attest to this, as it is unlike any Saint-Émilion we've ever encountered - and we mean this in the best way possible!

Cassini's career began in Saint-Émilion and continues on there, however, he relates more to winemakers associated with the new wave of winemaking in regions like the Loire, where his good friends Catherine and Pierre Breton (who actually helped him convert to biodynamic winemaking) or Didier Dagueaneau (who taught him a lot of the farming techniques he uses today), make wine. Cassini definitely refers to himself as a natural winemaker, not only because of his almost nonexistent sulfur levels, but also because he prides himself on his wines that are unoaked, unfined/unfiltered; nothing is added. He also practices organically.

This bottling is 85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. Vinification takes place for around three weeks, with natural yeasts. Aging occurs for 22 months in cement tanks. The wine is full of flavor from dark, rich yet fruit of a fresh quality, such as red plum and currant, with prominent minerality with hints of smoke and earth.




Producer Cassini
Vintage 2016
Format 750ml


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3 / 5


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