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Cave de Saumur "Les Pouches" Saumur Blanc '17

Loire Valley

Cave de Saumur "Les Pouches" Saumur Blanc '17

Cave de Saumur is a co-op in the Loire Valley, highly regarded for both quality and support of small growers who can combine forces to continue to make wine and a living off of it. One of their most recognized bottling is the "Les Pouches" Chenin Blanc. Specifically for this selection, five winemakers from the Les Pouches area work closely together to blend selected Chenin Blanc grapes from ten small parcels of land to create this cuvée.

Originally founded in 1956 by 40 growers, Cave de Saumur has expanded to include more than 850 growers over the span of 4,500 hectares of the Loire Valley wine region. 160 growers now form the Cave de Saumur, centered around the town of the same name, emphasizing focus on Saumur. The Cave has also put an emphasis on sustainable viticulture and all its members have signed up to a plan of action aimed at the conservation of water resources, air quality and biodiversity. This is a great moment to remind yourself that co-ops does not need to have a negative connotation, but could be viewed as a positive outlook of unity towards a greater betterment and greater sustainable living for all that is involved. These wines are of quality and furthermore, of compassion for one another.

The wine is freshly packed with approachable Chenin Blanc juice; this is a wine for drinking now. It is full of nutty flavors and fresh fruit such as apple, citrus and peach, with just a touch of minerality to give the wine some tension. Medium-bodied, dry Chenin that'll be an easy go-to for your all around, versatile white selection.




Producer Cave de Saumur
Vintage 2017
Format 750mo
Grape Variety Chenin Blanc


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