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Château Thivin Brouilly "Reverdon" '13


Château Thivin Brouilly "Reverdon" '13

"The courtyard rang with the sounds of voices, wheels and heavy-booted footsteps, for the estate's forty harvest labourers were coming down for their meal, accompanied by their lusty odour of wine. I would gladly have gone with them". This is what Colette had to say when she visited Château Thivin in 1947. An ancient estate (1383) that's been in the Geoffrey family since 1877, the Château Thivin has a long history of being at the forefront of Beaujolais, and the Côtes de Brouilly in particular - helping to create the appellation in the 30's. The Brouilly Reverdon comes from a plot at the base of Mont Brouilly, higher and with more slope than the rest of the Cru. Farming is organic, and winemaking is traditional - semi-carbonic, old barrels, etc... This is textbook Cru Beaujolais, always welcome on the Thanksgiving table. Bright red fruit, with an underlying vein of stones and earth.




Producer Château Thivin
Vintage 2013
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Gamay Noir


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