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Casa de Darei Dao Branco '16


Casa de Darei Dao Branco '16

Year in and year out, this delicious white wine from Portugal is one of the best values we offer. Darei is a mainstay here at Perman Wine Selections. I discovered the wines a few years back when traveling in Portugal, at an annual tasting in Porto. It was then that I met Carlos Ruivo, and his father Jose, who started the project as something to do upon retirement. Today, Jose often jokes that he has never worked harder. We are fortunate that they decided to take up the project because the Dão region, and specifically the tiny village of Darei in the Mangualde district of the Dão is a special place for wine. The soil is largely composed of granite, and the climate is truly unique in that it provides a huge diurnal temperature shift. This enormous temperature variance between daytime and nighttime, brings a depth and richness to the wines, yet always with freshness and balance. Today's wine club features the new release of the 2016 white wine. White wines are often overlooked when it comes to the wines of the Dão, and even Portugal in general. Of course people know the famous Vinho Verde region, and its often light, spritzy white wine. But there are many fantastic white wines in Portugal, and the Dão is capable of producing some of the best. Encruzado and Bical are the most well recognized white grape varietals of the Dão, and the Darei Branco includes these but also Malvasia Fina, Cerceal and Verdelho. This is tank fermented and aged, which results in an aromatically, fresh white wine with hints of pineapple and orange skin on the nose, a little under medium weight on the palate, and a long fresh finish. While not a natural pairing, this is an excellent match with Tacos al Pastor.




Producer Casa de Darei
Vintage 2016
Format 750ml


4 / 5


1 / 5


3 / 5


1 / 5


3 / 5


2 / 5

Dão, Portugal


Darei is a tiny village in Mangualde, a part of the Dão region of north-central Portugal. It is here that Carlos Ruivo and his family live and work the vines, quietly making some of the best wines in the region.

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