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COZs "c1" Vinho Tinto '15

Vinho de Portugal

COZs "c1" Vinho Tinto '15

Quinta dos Cozinheiros is a special place. Located just 8 km from the coast near the village of Figueira da Foz, its beautiful old vineyards produce wines that have a sense of place.

Tiago Teles and António Marques da Cruz (of Quinta da Serradinha fame) both found inspiration in the vineyards of the late José Mendonça. 

After much work in the vineyard reviving the old magical vines, in 2015 Tiago and António were able to produce their first two wines.

"c1" is the table wine from the Cozinheiros vineyard. It is a natural cofermentation of red and white grapes, from vines between 10 and 50 years-old. Grapes such as Poeirinho (the local name for Baga and Maria Gomes (aka Fernão Pires) are included.

The result is a beautiful, elegant, earth driven red. Bright red fruit and citrus notes on the nose lead into a silky mouthfeel. Fruit, mineral, herbs and bright acidity, keep you coming back glass after glass. 




Producer COZs de Cozinheiros
Vintage 2015
Format 750ml


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3 / 5


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