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D. Ventura "Pena do Lobo" Ribeira Sacra '16


D. Ventura "Pena do Lobo" Ribeira Sacra '16

Right in the heart of Galicia’s wine country, is Ribeira Sacra (“sacred banks”), a small region that has only been recognized relatively recently in 1996. Here, the terraces are steep and cut by two major rivers, the Miño & Sil, where the land is fertile and streams throughout vineyard sites flow straight into these rivers. Ribeira Sacra is full of wonderful soils for vinegrowing, such as granite and slate. “Pena do Lobo” is considered one of the best vineyard sites for making wine in the Ribeira Sacra, where longtime grower Ramón Losada and his family have plots. The site is situated away from the Sil River, where the vines can struggle a bit at a mid-level elevation of 400-600 meters. To highlight each vineyard’s specific terroir, Ramón bottles all of his wines by site. Losada is brilliant when it comes to utilizing his family’s old vineyards, allowing his wines to create natural depth that is completely reliant on the concretion from vines, which age around 80+ years old, and considering he does not implement oak use. With the mentorship of Gerardo Mendez from Do Ferreiro, his wines have taken on an even more terroir-driven approach, with the practice of organic farming and a natural approach to winemaking. The “Pena do Lobo” is a great gastronomic wine. You’ll find notes of purple plum, ripe bramble berries with fresh earth and mineral overtones. This wine would be perfect with BBQ and spiced dishes, too. While the wine is enjoyable now, this would be a fun selection to sit on for 2-3 years and see it really come into its own.




Producer D. Ventura
Vintage 2016
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Mencía


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