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Didier Gerbelle "Vigne Tsancognein" Torrette Supérieur '14

Valle d'Aosta

Didier Gerbelle "Vigne Tsancognein" Torrette Supérieur '14

Tucked up north near Piedmont is the tiny, minimally populated region of Valle d'Aosta.  Didier Gerbelle is a young and very driven winemaker whose ambition and dream is to revive, establish and showcase the unique indigenous grape varieties of his home.  His interest for winemaking sparked at a young age where he learned the ropes through his grandfather.  Didier represents the fourth generation of grape growers, and while his family has always produced wine for their own consumption and sold off remaining grapes, Didier is the first to break out with his own label and commercial winery, no small feat for an area characterized by co-ops because parcels are so small it is nearly impossible for most to obtain enough to bottling under their own label.

With great Alpine influence, a fine and unique mesh of Italian, Swiss and French cultures, Gerbelle's wines are honest, remarkably aromatic and flavorful with distinctive character. That unpronounceable word, "Tsancognein" is the name of the parcel featured in this bottling, with vines planted between 1946 and 1990 to 70% Petit Rouge and 30% a blend of Cornalin, Fumin, and Prëmetta. The vineyards are organically farmed, spontaneously fermented, and aged one year in 1000L French oak. Fewer than 1,600 bottles are produced of this wine (less than 3 hectares of vineyards total), and a fraction of that came to the US.  We are thrilled to showcase a wine with unique terroir from a true Valle d'Aosta grower; a wine full of character that is charming, vibrant and nuanced with Old World tones of complex layers of fruit, flowers and earth encapsulated in a fine wine driven by acidity and terroir and playful and light on the palate.  Valle d'Aosta never falls short of a personality that is easy to forget.




Producer Didier Gerbelle
Vintage 2014
Format 750ml


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