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Gérard Boulay Sancerre "à Chavignol" '18

Loire Valley

Gérard Boulay Sancerre "à Chavignol" '18

Sancerre is at the epitome within the classic world of white wine.  It was probably one of the first whites you ever tried.  The region showcases wines that are highly accessible, found on most wine lists or available at most wine shops.  Sancerre boasts value and approachability.  Not sure what kind of white wine you prefer quite yet?  Start with Sancerre.    

Sancerre never goes out of style.  It is a timeless wine.  And Gérard Boulay's Sancerre stands the test of time.  The winery's history can be traced by to the 1300s, in Chavignol, where white wine dominated in a time of red wine's great popularity (Sancerre was not recognized for white wine until after the phylloxera epidemic).

Sancerre shares similar soils with its neighboring region, Chablis, full of classic Kimmeridgean limestone, also called "terre blanches." The vines, averaging 45-years old, has been farmed organically for almost 30 years.   Similar principles are applied in the winery, where Gérard generally works by instinct, “au feeling” because he wants to “let the wine live” and tries not to interfere with the natural process, which includes all native yeasts and minimal SO2.  Terroir really shines through in his wines.

This flagship bottling will give you all of the Sancerre feels.  There are few who can compete with the quality and value of Boulay's wines.  With southern-facing vines, great ripeness is achieved, creating a juicy, lush style.  Melon, fresh lemon and grapefruit, with classic herbaceous notes are discovered on both the nose and palate.  The mouthfeel is round and fresh, leaving you with a delightful finish.  




Producer Gérard Boulay
Vintage 2018
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Sauvignon Blanc


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