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dominó "Colar" Branco '18


dominó "Colar" Branco '18

We are SO excited to announce the arrival of a new Portuguese producer to Chicago, Vitor Claro and his wife Rita. Their winery "dominó" produces a wide array of wines from different appellations throughout Portugal.

Vitor has been making wine for 9 vintages now, having previously worked as a chef. He decided to close his restaurant called "Claro!" in 2016. Admitting that while he loves to be a chef, he wasn't great at the business.

This is truly a "garage" wine label, making around 2000 cases of wine in total.

Across the range these are decidedly individual wines. Vitor's approach to wine is similar to how he cooks. Simple, natural, not manipulated. You can apply these terms to both wine and food, and Vitor has found a way to do this in both of his professions. Whether you call his wines natural, funky, unique, they do paint a picture of where they come from.

"Colar" Branco takes its name from the almost extinct region of Colares. Near Lisbon, this region is on the foot steps of the sea. It has slowly disappeared over the last several decades due to urbanization.

"Colar" Branco is made from the white grape Malvasia, younger vines planted in a mixture of sand and clay. The wine is fermented with natural yeasts in mixture of stainless steel and old oak. The wine is unfined/unfiltered, adding nuanced texture and additional leesy notes.

The aromas are beautiful with citrus, mineral and a big saline quality. On the palate it is very fresh, yet with plenty of intensity of fruit, and lingering mineral notes. We encourage you to not serve this ice cold, and to pour it into Burgundy classes for more oxygen and to really capture the aromatics.

For those that drink a lot of natural wine, the aromatics and flavors won't shock you. For those new to natural wines, we encourage you to keep an open mind.




Producer dominó
Vintage 2018
Format 750ml


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