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Edi Kante Metodo Classico "Dosaggio Zero" NV


Edi Kante Metodo Classico "Dosaggio Zero" NV

Edi Kante is a legendary producer from the Carso district of Friuli in Northeastern Italy.  He is considered a pioneer of orange wine, and has proven time and time again that white wines from Italy have immense aging potential.  With a unique climate, between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, there is an abundance of limestone soil, creating wines that have great mineral edge that are solid, fresh and unmistakable.

He is also dedicated to sparkling wine production.  This bottling is 50% Chardonnay and 50% Malvasia.  Done in the méthode champenoise, with a total of 2 years aging (1 year in old barrels) and bottled with zero dosage.  This wine speaks of the place - it is dry, chalky, and just the right combination of fleshy and lean.  Beautiful floral tones inhabit the nose due to Malvasia's influence, and both varietals combined contribute to a lush, rich mouthfeel.  This has a sharp, dry finish that craves food.  Begin any meal with this alongside charcuterie and cheese.  




Producer Edi Kante
Format 750ml


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