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Gentilini "Notes" Red '17


Gentilini "Notes" Red '17

Gentilini’s winery is located on the Ionian island of Kefalonia, off of the west coast of Greece. Here, the island is picturesque, but most importantly, home to one of the oldest regions of viticulture. Proof dates back to writings by legendary author, Homer.

Gentilini has been an estate-driven winery since the early 1980s, with the second generation currently at its helms. Farming organically, the terroir here is wonderful and diverse to work with. The winery is close to the sea, aiding in coastal moderation, whilst riding the slopes of Mount Ainos bringing about cooler temperatures due to higher elevation. This mountainous site makes it capable to have vines grown in great soils like limestone. Some of the vineyards are cultivated on slopes so steep that the vines literally emerge from amongst the stones, prompting the Venetians to call the wine "Vino di Sasso" - wine of stone.

“Notes” is a blend of 60% Agiorgitiko and 40% Mavrodaphne, indigenous varietals to Greece and some of the more popular varietals grown here on Kefalonia. Once the wine finishes fermentation, it is then matured for 4 months in oak barrels before being aged for a further 6 months in bottle. Tinges of sour cherry and spice are lush and velvety on the palate and the structure that accompanies. Substitute this in with Italian-influenced dishes, or enjoy with BBQ and mild cheeses like gouda.




Producer Gentilini
Vintage 2017
Format 750ml


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