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Graci Etna Rosato '18


Graci Etna Rosato '18

Between 600 - 1,000 ft. on the northern slopes of Etna, you'll find Graci, situated in a historic area for vinegrowing in Sicily, that dates back several thousand years.  In more modern times, northern slopes were not always first choice for winemaking, searching for places where wines can easily ripen and take on primarily high fruit tones - until fairly recently, as many winemakers started to experiment with various exposures, taking a nod from their ancestors.  This aspect of the slope generally can produce wines with more tension, nerve and elegance - micro climate is huge on Etna.  As Graci says, the land decides, not us, and in such an extreme area for viticulture this is without a doubt!  Made from Nerello Mascalese, the grape is such a chameleon in capturing its terroir.  Graci's objective is exactly this, to capture the personality of their vineyards. The grapes are gently pressed, resulting in a delicate, salmon pink color with an orange tinge.  Briny, earthy minerality is noted along delicate tones of peach, melon and floral tones of jasmine.  There is WAY more to life than always drinking Provençal rosé, and Graci Etna Rosato proves it!




Producer Graci
Vintage 2018
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Nerello Mascalese


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