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Hermanos Peciña Rioja Reserva '11


Hermanos Peciña Rioja Reserva '11

Traditional Rioja wines reigned in status for nearly a century, starting in the mid-1800s.  Our friends at Lopez de Heredia comes to mind, as does La Rioja Alta.  Perhaps you wouldn't think of Hermanos Peciña, considering the winery didn't come into existence until 1992, by Pedro Peciña.  But the piece of information that missing, and here we have it: Pedro was La Rioja Alta's long standing vineyard manager for 18 years.  Pedro adopted his family's vineyards and set off to make wine under his own bodega.  He utilizes his experience, creating that "old school" Rioja style that is now viewed upon as a true classic.

Pedro’s winemaking is traditional, using American oak barrels, yet subtly. He ages his wines beyond the requirement amount of time according to Spanish wine law, averaging 5-6 years; the wood is largely neutral, providing textural richness, but only showing as a supporting role as far as flavor goes.  The grapes come from vineyards in San Vicente de la sonsierra, grown in calcareous clay soil.  This is a lovely showcase of secondary flavors as we dig deep into notes of leather, dried flowers, hints of vanilla and tobacco as well.




Producer Hermanos Peciña
Vintage 2011
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Tempranillo


4 / 5


4 / 5


4 / 5


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1 / 5

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