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Hild, Elbling Trocken '18

Upper Mosel

Hild, Elbling Trocken '18

As it turns out, the Upper Mosel has nothing to do with everything we have learned about the Mosel. In other words, the Upper Mosel has nothing to do with Riesling, or its famous slate soils. Instead, we find limestone. The Upper Mosel in fact represents the beginning of the Paris Basin, an important geographical imprint that has molded places like Chablis and Sancerre. Instead of Riesling, we find a unique culture in the Upper Mosel that focuses on one of Europe’s oldest grapes: Elbling.

While Elbling is highly praised and cherished throughout the Upper Mosel, even at its best, Elbling is not a grape of “greatness” as much as it is a grape of refreshment and pure enjoyment.  The low-yielding varietal is full of energy, purity and chalky acidity.  Importer VomBoden breaks it down: "The comparisons are plenty, though none of them are quite right: If Riesling is Pinot Noir, then Elbling is Gamay. If Riesling is Sauvignon Blanc, then Elbling is Muscadet. You get the idea."  

Winemaker Matthias Hild focuses exclusively on what little remains now of Elbling in the Upper Mosel, making it his mission to keep planting more and putting more Elbling juice into our glasses.  With lower sugar levels than Riesling, the wine easily ferments to bone-dry (trocken) with lower alcohol percentages.  This classic Elbling bottling is a wine that is bright, clean and quite juicy with fresh flavors of quince and lemon pith, as well as great mineral presence.  The wine is direct, full of precision as well as thirst-quenching properties.  




Producer Hild
Vintage 2018
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Elbling


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