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Idlewild "Flora & Fauna" Rosé '19


Idlewild "Flora & Fauna" Rosé '19

If you are familiar with Perman Wine Selections, then you know that Italy has a very special spot in our hearts. And over the past years, we haven’t had to go exclusively to the source to find wines made from some of the Italy's greatest varietals like Nebbiolo. Increasingly so, we are finding excellent Italian-inspired wines throughout regions in North America, as many winemakers are looking to experiment and expand outside of the classical repertoire of French varietals.

This takes us to Idlewild Wines, located in rugged hills of Mendocino, dedicated to producing Piedmontese-inspired wines. Winemaker Sam Bilbro grew up around vineyards and the California wine scene, but it wasn’t until his experience in restaurants that exposed him to Italy’s Piedmont. And that was it. And can we blame him? Piedmont is one of the most incredible wine regions in the world, let alone Italy!

Bilbro maintains a very natural and honest approach to his winemaking. Emphasis is on the vineyard followed by minimalist winemaking techniques. Since Nebbiolo has incredible finesse in showcasing terroir, Bilbro's approach is what makes his wines stand out, and so successful.

The 2019 "Flaura & Fauna" rosé achieves wonderful balance in fresh fruit and savory tones, alongside a textural quality that would be delightful with bright, fresh dishes like a watermelon, pine nut and ricotta salad.

The rosé is a blend of Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera, from vines grown in Fox Hill Vineyard, where the soils are full of gravel and sandstone. Classic notes from Nebbiolo come through - cherries, blood orange citrus, wildflowers, fresh herbs and salty mineral tones. The Dolcetto adds softness to the structure while the Barbera adds additional depth in flavor and hue.




Producer Idlewild Wines
Vintage 2019
Format 750ml


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