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Julien Pilon "Le Bruit des Vagues" Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc '16

Rhône Valley

Julien Pilon "Le Bruit des Vagues" Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc '16

A Rhône native himself, Julien Pilon returned in 2010 after extensive experience between Spain and the Languedoc.  He both owns or sources from vineyards between the north and south with a focus on white Rhône varietals.  It is often too far and few in between to find great white wines from this region, and Julien's are some of the best that the region currently has to offer.  

He is an organic farmer who is very hands on throughout his modest 5 hectares of plantings.  He strives to produce white wines with flesh but as well as vibrant freshness, creating balance and precision. The wines are understated yet stylish and relying more on nuance than overt power; modest yet full of intrigue that'll keep you searching for all he has to offer (13 wines total).  

This Marsanne sees fermentation in old barrels, continuing for 10 months of aging in old oak as well.  The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation, adding richness and depth in a wine that showcases fresh, white fruit such as apricot and melon alongside ripe citrus tones that balances out a tinge of bitterness and a waxy texture that is of classic Marsanne.  A perfect food wine to be accompanied by with seafood or grilled vegetables.  




Producer Julien Pilon
Vintage 2016
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Marsanne


3 / 5


2 / 5


3 / 5


1 / 5


3 / 5


1 / 5

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