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Lackner-Tinnacher Morillon "Eckberg" '18


Lackner-Tinnacher Morillon "Eckberg" '18

Styria is located in Southern Austria, where the Austrian and Slovenian borders meet.  This area of Austria is absolutely beautiful, lush and green with rolling hills.  Wildlife is in abundance here, including a wide variety of birds.  In fact, wineries have to drape netting over the vines in order to protect the grapes from being plucked up for a bird's snack! 

The climate is cool, but with an abundant amount of sunshine.  There is also an incredible variety of soil types found in these steep vineyard sites. Aromatic whites reach an incredible height of success with all things considered, making it Styria's most notable style in production. 

Lackner Tinnacher is a small, family run estate with a long history, dating back to 1770. Katharina Tinnacher is the current winemaker, and daughter of owner Fritz Tinnacher’s. Their vineyard practices are vital to the distinct, terroir-driven style wines that they produce, operating according to the guidelines of organic viticulture.  

What makes Lackner-Tinnacher's wines some of the best, is the purity that is captured in each bottling.  Bright, fresh and clean, there is no mistaking where these wines come from.  Katharina is one of the most talented winemakers in Austria today.

Chardonnay is widely planted all over the world, and here in Styria is thrives, and has in Austria for many years.  Although the grape is called Morillon here. At the Eckberg vineyard site, it proves to be perfectly suitable for Burgundy varietals, so it was an easy decision when it came down to deciding what to plant here.

After being vinified in tank and large oak vats, the result is a highly concentrated wine with a rich build, full of creamy edges, and aromatic intensity that leaves you with a lingering salinity and subtle tannic finish.  This juicy wine will make your mouth water until you've satisfied your taste buds with another sip.  This is a delightfully gastronomic wine, to pair with a variety from spicy dishes, rich and smoky flavors, to the simplest and most mild offerings.  




Producer Lackner Tinnacher
Vintage 2018
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Chardonnay


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