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Lagar de Darei Dão Tinto '14


Lagar de Darei Dão Tinto '14

As Portugal continues to gain attention, we strongly recommend that you take note of Lagar de Darei and the Dão, where they call home. We believe that the Dão is a region of immense potential, currently the most of all wine growing regions in Portugal at this moment. Located south of the Douro, with mountain ranges to the west and north, plus a national forest to the east, the Dão is influenced by a lot of environmental features, helping create such diversity in a single region. In result of these land features, the Dão experiences extreme diurnal temperature swings. This creates captivating wines full of both richness and fresh balance.

Darei’s namesake is of the town in which is it located in, and it’s become quite the family affair since José Ruivo founded the winery. With a combination of purchased fruit and some estate fruit, they have always kept tradition in mind, which is why we love these benchmark examples of the Dão.

The “Colheita Tinto” is a blend of Touriga Nacional, which is classically grown here, blended with Jaen (Mencía), Tinta Roríz (Tempranillo) and Alfocheiro. The vines grow in the Dão’s classic, granite-rich soils. It is a pure expression of the Dão’s climatic condition - blackberry, blueberry and mulberry freshly concentrated in a fruit compote quality, with subtle tones of violets and cinnamon, finishing with a mineral tinge. This wine is highly enjoyable and quite fresh for such compact flavor. A great compromise for any red wine fan, no matter what you lean towards, we’ll all fall in line with this tinto!




Producer Casa de Darei
Vintage 2014
Format 750ml


4 / 5


3 / 5


3 / 5


1 / 5


4 / 5


1 / 5

Dão, Portugal


Darei is a tiny village in Mangualde, a part of the Dão region of north-central Portugal. It is here that Carlos Ruivo and his family live and work the vines, quietly making some of the best wines in the region.

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